The Grave Diggers “Letterheads” Letter Club

note: I might edit this as more information becomes available. It’s just a silly idea for now. I claim to be a concept artist. Some of my concepts fail. Check back soon. August 2021.

As a part-time undergraduate of a self-professed ivy league and prestigious “Ecole” so to speak; and an English literature specialist therein and a member of a fraternity whose members include 5 or 6 United States Presidents; I am officially organizing a letter club. I reside a student of St. Michael’s College, University Of Toronto where I’m still an undergraduate to this day. (this letter club is unendorsed and unaffiliated with the University Of Toronto. In fact, there are no secret societies on campus. We might include members from all walks of life, unaffiliated with the University. I’m just mentioning that I’m getting educated part-time. This is not an endorsement).

I’d like to also mention that I was the first founding member and president of the Toronto Poetry Club on, which grew to a few thousand members. I am now unaffiliated with the meetup; I believe it grew too fast and accepted anybody who was interested. I wanted a small, close-knit community of regulars. The meetup as far as I know is still going to this day.

I was also briefly a newsroom journalist at the daily of the University; and was elected to their Board of Directors one year, until a bout of Paranoid Schizophrenia ended my journalism aspirations. It would take me months, years to recover and I subsequently refused to publish, except online. I remain unrepresented and poorish. But that’s another story for another time.

Anyway, in this “club” I’d like to keep our membership a secret and recruit only a few able and willing people to write letters. So far, I’m the only known member. It might be that way for some time. I’m the face of the iteration. Heck, I might die the only member ever outed. And that’s okay with me; And maybe nobody’ll join. We’ll see.

I would have liked to add: we’ll invite you if we’re interested, and if you ask to join then no; but asking to join, until we have several more members, is currently allowed. So use the contact tab and ask me politely if you’re interested in penning letters and joining what I’m calling a secret society, really.

I might publish some of our letters eponymously, and sign the letter: “Diggers” meaning all of us, for one of our mottos might be: “from nothing to something;” or “from one thing, many others” or as I often like to say “from nothing to nothing with nothing”. Who really signed the letter? Does the entire club take responsibility for the content of the letters? Such trifles are currently under development and I’m thinking about how to tackle these sorts of issues. Come on aboard and let’s talk through these problems together, you and I.

For more information about nothing, see the Greeks perspective on it, here:

I was also inspired by Shakespeare’s usage of Grave Diggers. Curiously, they were poor and witty, and mocked the speech of lawyers and their superiors. Perhaps my ironic letters, by a poor person, who embraces slang and inappropriateness, signed “Diggers” are a nod to Shakespeare’s Grave Diggers.

I’m not gonna lie; as a Paranoid Schizophrenic, I wish that we could telepathically communicate. As far as I can tell, I’m the only member who hears voices and auditory hallucinations. I joke that I’m a “letterhead”; and that the letters write themselves; for, I hear voices in my head talking to me. From whence do the letters come? Is it from my own imagination? Is it from nothing or from something else? I’ll leave that to you. It gets ethical and philosophical. “From nothing to nothing with nothing”.

I hope that you enjoy our letters, if we ever publicly release them. You’ll know if you receive one. Or if I post one on this blog. But other than that, kindly leave us alone.

You can use the contact tab to ask me any questions about the letter club. Or if you have any ideas about who should receive a letter, and what it’s contents might look like – I dislike doing all the homework. Send me materials. No promises. And I won’t credit you. But i’ll take a look.

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

One final joke, in Minecraft, the popular video game, Steve “Mini” famously digs all the time. I play video games all day and eschew my education and wealth. I’ll graduate some day, promise mum! I take just one course per year. You need 20 courses to graduate. That’s 20+ years. I’m at about 15/20 so far. Go figure. I suppose That “Steve Mini, Digger” is really a video game reference as much as it is a cultural and Shakespearean one.

If I could spend all my time in heaven, I’d want to play massively multiplayer online video games and smoke weed, just like I do here on earth. Is earth heaven, then? Am I living the dream, and getting educated to boot? Have I already arrived at my destination: heaven on earth? Very mini-esque. I’ll leave such musings for the letters, and you.

As I often quip, because of my paranoid schizophrenia:

Logically insane, and ineffectually so.

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

PS: I wouldn’t mind if some of our letters to include pop culture references, misspellings or misuses, slang, typos, errors, and other common mistakes associated with the “lower class”. We don’t respect the rules or etiquette, so why should you? As you can probably tell, I’m not worried about typos -and I’m an English literature undergrad, for chris’sakes.

PSS: We might move to open letters, and publish online. This would be convenient for all of us, as we wouldn’t need to care who received the letter or who read it. And we could grow an audience.

A company that isn’t greedy: Swords Of Legends Online!

I’m really enjoying a “Chinese clone” of Guild wars 2 called Swords Of Legends. This gem of a game is not pay to win at all; the cash shop is entirely cosmetics and not very greedy at all. This is so rare that when I find one of these non-pay to win games, I play the crap outta them. They don’t get released often in North America these days. There isn’t even a subscription model for this game in North America, though there is one in China.

I chose to play a Summoner, which can offspec heal and, well: summon … but I heard that the spearmaster might be Overpowered in player vs player … we’ll see. You can always play a different character whenever you want.

Other than World Of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, and this game, Swords Of Legends Online, which is available on the STEAM platform, I haven’t really found any other multiplayer online games that aren’t pay to win and that are fun and immersive. You might be able to add Guild Wars 2 to that list. That’s it.

Only about 4 games in the last 10 years have player vs player viability, a depth worth playing and exploring, and aren’t bloodsuckingly pay to win (though I must confess: even World Of Warcraft can be considered pay to win these days … in-game gold which can get you a raid spot for gear, is purchasable with real-life money … I’d like to hang on to the glory years but even WoW is pay 2 win.

Nice to see an honest company produce a quality product. Swords Of Legends Online. It means more to us than you’ll ever know. Thank you.

I live in fear of the music industry. Yes to NCS music.

I live in fear of the music industry because just seconds of the wrong song can get you banned from popular streaming platforms and end your career.

I have opted to prefer Non-Copyrighted Music at all times and never support these billionaires and millionaires. I live of 10k per year. Your music has no place in my live-streaming or life.

I will only listen to Non-Copyrighted Music for life.

I will stream with Non-Copyrighted Music playing, which is free to use and sounds great.

Stay woke! Listen to Non Copyrighted Music – stations are right on youtube! Dubstep, Trap, EDM, Electro House!

“To Arms! For Art’s Sake!”

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

Give everybody their old age pension at 18, to invest until 65+.

If everybody received their old age pension at 18, and invested until 65, many of us would retire millionaires. 47+ years of compound interest can do wonders. just make sure nobody can spend it until old age, I suppose.

Another idea brought to you by:

Steve Mini from the 6ix,

I don’t know how to do this …

I’ve realized something. I don’t really know how to talk about hearing voices. Especially to people who don’t hear voices themselves.

All this stuff the voices in my head try to do, to adapt, to become more human, to calculate locally, produce and predict, and disseminate and judge, and other machine-learning phenomenon that I was unaware a machine could do …

All of this forces me to accept that I am self programmed somehow, and that my mind’s voices frequently act like they’re machine-generated. So, just who are the voices in my head? Are they simply the characters my mind produces because I am ill? Why do they sound like computer generated scripts?

As my brain adapts, I believe more and more that I am ill, and less and less that I am sane.

But I’m curious, why couldn’t the voices in my head recognize the Canadian flag and other “symmetrical” data?

Greed is characteristically evil; The Volatility Index …

If everybody who wanted money was evil, and greed was scrutinized and measured, then evil people would rule earth and vastly outnumber safe, sane and literate good people or “goodies”.

In my homebrew multiverse dungeons and dragons campaign, which I produce for the characters in my head (I’m diagnosed with hearing voices), I’ve realized that the voices are evil characters, I’m a neutral person, and good people are opposed.

Why wouldnt the voices be good people, myself a good person, and evil opposed, like many other people?

Certainly makes for an interesting dungeons and dragons campaign.

I was wondering if this volatility index could measure good vs evil in the markets and in real life. Just when do evil people purchase something? When do good people retaliate? Is good and evil diametrically opposed? Is greed a fundamental right?

Something to think about.

The Voices: Billion dollar artist

an anonymous bidder bought all my art for an undisclosed amount more than a billion dollars, and requested all my thoughts to be digital signatures in his wallet.

I never recieved a penny or a phone-call. Who is this anonymous billionaire contacting me remotely?

your data signatures are ready, sir (said the telepathic mutant/paranoid schizophrenic).

I am ill therefore.

Below the poverty-line,

Steve Mini.

What alignment is Batman? All 9? How bout Neut?

To be edited.
Steve Mini. Toronto.

I once joked that Batman fits into every alignment in the Dungeons and Dragons system. He can be considered everything from Lawful Evil to Chaotic Good. He’s all 9 different alignments. But how can this be?

When you think of Batman you think of a good guy beating up bad characters. He’s got to be good, right? But often his alignment is more than that. Does he frequently break the law? Everything from speeding down a stretch in the Batmobile to assault with a weapon. Even murder sometimes. He lets people die by falling off a building. He thinks justice is punishing criminals for their moral transgressions. Nobody is safe from Batman if they’ve committed a crime. Is he a lawful character, on a quest for justice, coaborating with the authorities? Or is he a chaotic vigilante, often excessively violent and out of control, on a self-serving mission to rid the world of criminals? Is he Lawful Good, like Adam West’s iteration? Or is he Chaotic Good, like some of his other stories? He’s got to be Good, right? Maybe not, though …

I argue that, philosophically, Batman should stray a little more towards being neutral. He should serve his own self-interest at times. I wish he would side with a villian to tackle an objective. Falling in love with an “evil” character was a master-stroke and some of the highlights of his pathetically good career. He should break the law at whim. Be excessively violent at times and a little out of control. Dark and gritty. Show his soul’s soft underbelly. Not just his knight-in-shining-armor attitude.

The problem is, unless we stretch our imagination or are “rules lawyers”, he doesn’t really ever break with the law, or his own personal moral compass.
There have been transgressions. But at the end of the day, Batman is just a good guy.

Other than beating up obviously evil dudes, is he in any way selfish? Could he steal intelligence and win a war? Probably not. He wouldn’t. (Unless he obviously has somewhere. I’m not sure). Anyway it doesn’t make sense for Batman to do so. It breaks with his character. That’s what sucks about Batman. He’s too two-dimensional. Too good.

You see batman can’t be a criminal. He’s just a good person at heart. That’s where I come in. I want Batman to be evil for a while, then stray towards neutral after that.

I would have wanted him in the neutral alignment category somehow. Lawful neutral would be interesting. or Chaotic Neutral. So that he could side with evil characters and good characters, say, for example, to promote freedom.

Maybe I’m just talking about a whole nother character entirely, one based off of the old-school “true neut” druid of now-defunct Advanced Dungeons And Dragons, who would readily side with your enemy to protect nature, then help you get home safely by killing all the other monsters on the way.

Maybe I’m onto something. Yes to Neutral characters. Yes to Batman being Evil for a month.

Your g-d of neutrality,

Steve Mini.

Euthanasia bill passed into law.

I’m two out of two on public policy. Weed was legalized. Euthanasia passed. And after my article on population growth, a former prime minister came out saying we should vastly expand our country (Canada) – to 100 million before the turn of the century. His opinion was published in the Globe and Mail. I agree with him. I’ve been preachin’ for us to grow Canada’s population for years now.

I also advocate for removing your footprint entirely before you die – I never drive a car and recycle everything I can. So we’ll see how that goes.

Time to repeal the horrible conservative prostitution laws of 2014 …

Many good looking women I know all seem to have one thing in common: making money from sex work.

Especially during covid, selling content is practically all that’s putting food on the table for many women.

It’s time to support these entrepreneurs and protect them from committing a crime instead of indicting them.

Somebody needs to repeal the horrible laws enacted by the Conservatives in 2014, making prostitution illegal for the first time in Canadian history, despite the supreme court striking down, in a unanimous decision, 9-0 (The Bedford Case) our old, unconstitutional prostitution laws.

Can these terrible conservative prostitution laws be repealed?

How can you be a kinky person, or a person who supports positive space, or a free thinker, possibly secular or atheist, and pay the conservatives any mind?

Progressives, unite! It’s not right!