The bottom 1%

I’m terrible at league of legends. So much so that 99% of people rank higher than me. I don’t understand how I can play a game so much and never improve. Is there something wrong with me? How am I always absolutely destroyed – even in norms where I hope to not face smurfs and just learn a new champion? I mean, i don’t mind, i’m having fun. But it’s demoralizing and disheartening to constantly get no kills, be outfarmed, and in general, play horrible.

I’m terrible. But I love the game and refuse to quit.

League Of Legends: cc. and gap-closers and the Bottom 1%

I’ve realized something in my journey from an obscure jungler with only 1-2 picks, to one of the very worst-ranked junglers there is. I’m in the bottom 1% of the ladder, meaning 99% of people are actually ranked higher than me.

I’ll get to why in a moment. But at any rate. I prefer Junglers with a Crowd-Control mechanic, and lately, I’ve also been learning Junglers with a gap-closer, too.

My first mistake as a Jungler is playing whatever I like – not what is most likely to win. I play for fun. As I often joke and say: I play for skins, not for wins. I play whatever looks cool and is aesthetically pleasing. And that’s probably a mistake if you want to climb.

Climbing is no joke. There are several things holding me back. First of all, when you think of the bottom 1% of the ladder, you think to yourself: People must suck. That’s where you’re wrong. There’s a huge amount of smurfs at the bottom of the ladder, and often, some games are very one-sided, with a champion getting 15+ kills in the first few minutes of the game and absolutely destroying us.

Then there’s people who want to lose, because the lowest-ranked accounts are worth the most amount of money. Seriously: a diamond+ account is worth way less than an Iron 4 account. So there’s botters who lock in a position, intentionally fail, and want to lose. If they’re on your team, you’re probably going to lose, too.

So, the bottom line is this: If you can’t carry a game, you’re more than likely not going to make it out of iron.

And I can’t carry games. I’m a jungler who averages a few kills, and plays for objectives. I’m an average jungler – not too bad – I often claim the dragon or rift herald, and contribute lots of vision in my games. But i’m too passive, I’m not aggressive enough. I don’t carry games. I farm up, and hope for the best. And that’s not how League Of Legends works.

You need to get a few kills in the early game, ideally 3+. Once that happens you’re half an item ahead, which is huge. You then proceed to ‘snowball’, annihilating the opposition all game long if you’re careful and smart and aggressive and keep a lead.

And that’s not the type of jungler I play. I need to try and win the early game, and play a jungler who ganks very well, and take huge risks that might pay off. And when they do: you win games by getting ahead.

In short: I need to learn how to Jungle better, and not just Jungle for fun. gg.

Your Iron 4 Jungler, in the bottom 1%

Steve Mini from the 6.

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See ya.

Answering people’s questions for tips.

I’ve decided to answer any question for 3$. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to my answering questions, and I’ve answered over 200+ questions on quora.

Currently 47+ people have requested for me to answer their questions on Quora.

I just don’t have time to get to answering them all without receiving a 3$ tip to buy a coffee as an incentive.

That’s capitalism for you, and i’m the worst kind of capitalist: according to the government, I earn below the poverty line. I’m allowed to raise 10k in donations, tips or gifts per year. gg.

Tip me today and I might reddit your question and it’s response, in the form of an open letter or even reply as a poem.

I bet you my tim hortons coffee tommorow that i’m still opposed; and that nobody will even tip me, but that many people will flock to quora for some kind of response to a question.

Guess I’ll buy my own coffee and answer questions regardless, like every other starving artist.

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health update: Issues with Concentration.

I’ve been having issues reading and in general my concentration is severely lacking. I no longer drive, haven’t for years, and in general, reading has slowed down a lot.

I’m able to pass one course per year, but only when I struggle to read the materials. I’m finishing university at my own pace.

I try to read 25 pages a day, but the reality is that many days I cannot. So I pop on the computer instead, sometimes playing video games.

I’m slowly putting the dream of one day writing books behind me, and am playing more online chess, also on my mobile phone: 3 minute blitz.

But I do want to finish my BA in English Literature. I’ve started it: Need to finish it some day.

I have to take a Shakespeare course this year, so that’ll be intense, and interesting…

Catch some of y’all on Campus this year! Classes: Tues/Thurs 1pm.

Thinking of a Bard/Minstrel and Ranger.

I’ve purposefully overloaded Neutral G. even his weapons are sentient and his extroardinary abilities, some of which are innate, seem pretty damn powerful.

I’ve since moved on from Neutral G. to other characters. I might “nerf” Neutral G. a little. He seems a little O.P. (“overpowered”).

I’ll clean things up eventually – maybe even write a little fiction.

The “Neut-By-Force” or Artist’s conundrum.

Many people flock to Neutral G. and believe him to be a kind and benevolent humanoid, whenever he deems it appropriate. It would seem that humanity is mesmerized by his leadership style, and his granting of wishes and his wizardy.

But how he came to be the de-facto ruler of the Neuts, has a bloody history. He actually beheaded a kind and benevolent king, who was neutral, but often sided with Good, to take his throne and the title of “NEutral God”.

This bloody history, having happened centuries ago, is forgotten by many, but not by some scholars.

Therefore, the “neut-by-force” conundrum is ever at play, and Neutral G. knows that, if he is attacked and killed, someone else might rise up in his steed and become de-facto ruler of the Neuts instead of him.

Fortunately, Neutral G. is probably unkillable, having become a part of the fabric of the universe, and immortal. He regenerates quickly, even amputated limbs grow back, and has access to wish spells, for which he is venerated and worshipped like a God. Some say the real Neutral G. is traversing the multiverse, and all of the Neutral Gs in Gaia are mere copies, his servants, and apparitions.

It is said that his wishes are granted by the gods himself, to appease him.

For more about Neutral G., click here:

my price, my upper limit: 10 mil.

I ‘ve always said that, if i had enough wealth, i wouldn’t even bother to make any more. I’d just retire and do what I love. Stay home, play video games, smoke weed, and read and write books. And of course, talk to the voices in my head.

One number comes to mind: 10 million bucks. It’s more than enough to last me over 50 years (i’m 41), and I’m certain I’d never have to work again.

For you see, my friends, i live off just 12 grand a year, or 1 grand a month. 10 million to me is a lot of money.

Some hoodies be flauntin’ 10 million dollars like it’s nothin’. No to all of that.

So, if being a telepathic mutant, self asserted, is worth anything more than 10 mil, i’m retired already. Front me a cheque, homies.

Steve Mini from the 6.

Good, Bad and Neutral Hedonism.

In a dating profile, trying to define who I am, I stumbled onto Hedonism, which is, for lack of a better definition, placing a value on pleasure, and avoiding pain and suffering. At least, that’s what it means to me. I have not read the literature out on Hedonism (yet). These are rough drafts; where I get to be creative.

In trying to explain myself to a potential lover, I realized something. I espoused my method of morality and tradition, namely: that of being neither Good nor Evil, but rather, a Neutral person; And realized that hedonism fits right into my lifestyle choices.

But not just any kind of Hedonism, for, I rarely seek out pleasure for pleasure’s sake. But a different kind of Hedonism. Two or three different kinds, in fact.

Now that we’re on the subject of being neither Good nor Evil, but rather Neutral in my morality and moral decisions, let me explain my two different strains of Hedonism that I espoused, to impress the opposite sex (Why else would you claim to be a Hedonist, if not to impress the ladies? But I digress).

Good, Selfless or Ethical hedonism, is a particular kind of hedonism, which I espouse, which places a premium on other people’s satisfaction and pleasure, potentially above yours, or at the cost of your own. Want a woman to orgasm? You want her to recieve pleasure, and will do (presumably) anything and everything it takes, even if a little inconvenient, for her to do so. That’s selfless hedonism, and I might be one of the few men out there who espouse it, and want my woman to orgasm. But I digress.

Then there’s Bad, Selfish or Evil Hedonism, which sets you out to be the villian of this here tale, just like in that movie commercial. Anyway, you want pleasure, and don’t care at what cost – even at the cost of suffering of those around you, including your partners. Sadists usually want partners who are Masochists: They derive pleasure in their partner’s suffering. That might be Selfish Hedonism or ‘Bad’ Hedonism at play. Another example: Sometimes I am selfish, and want two love slaves, and polyamoroy. In fact: I recently told a woman interested in me to keep an open relationship with me: I can see other women, and she can see other men. This can be either selfish or selfless; which brings me to my point.

I’m a Hedonist, but sometimes I’m a Selfish or Bad Hedonist, and sometimes i’m Selfless or a Good Hedonist.

And that’s why I espouse a “True Neutral” Hedonism gambit, one on which, the future of my woman’s orgasms are at stake. I proclaim a neutral balance, a third way, between good and evil, where you’re either selfish or selfless, but probably a little bit of both – or neither! at times. This is where you strike a balance, and decide that you’re neither good nor bad at all times. This is probably what most Hedonists are. But I haven’t polled them and wouldn’t know for sure.

I do remain, your selfless hedonist in art, rather selfish at times, and neutral, neither good nor evil, on the moral compass of my own imagination, rather,

Steve Mini from the 6: “Neutral G.”

Want more? I’ve promised a collection of essays, and one on hedonism might be viable, especially once I’ve studied it a little more. I’ll get back to you with a collection of essays, probably on amazon, for pittance someday.

For now, feel free to contact me and ask me any questions. Ladies, chat me up. I’m perennially single in Toronto, Canada.

In response to Tolstoy’s “Non-Resistance” & Theories …

On a whim, I decided to read Tolstoy’s magnum opus, so to speak: “The Kingdom Of God Is Within You”, which asserts non-resistance and etc. which inspired the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. and others.

This book profoundly influenced me, though I have already refuted many of it’s arguments, mostly for fun. (I’m still reading the book, but have much to say of it already)…

I suppose that, after I’m done my BA, (in four or five years – I’m a part-time undergrad), that a book of essays should be published. If such a book of mine occurs, probably self-published on amazon and quietly dismissed, I should think that Tolstoy’s work might be a galvanizing work which inspires me to write, and possibly respond to, his own work.

I ain’t no Tolstoy. I consider myself a ‘literary hack’. But even I can refute these seemingly childish and simple claims, possibly because, over 100 years have passed, and life is so much different now. (note: as I kept reading, I became more and more inspired, and less and less refutations occured. It truly is a remarkable little book. Check it out for free. It’s on Project Gutenberg).

I just hope they don’t burn my responses, they way they burned his work. (Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they never burned his work, either. Sorry to the literary historians in the audience. I’m a literary hack and don’t give a damn – for now).

In fact, when called upon to serve the military recently, I might have responded directly from Tolstoy’s work: that it is Christian of me to oppose. How’s that for Tolstoy?

Get bent, Greece. Anyway: I’m Canadian. Leave me alone to my writings and theories.

Steve Mini from the 6.


I really underestimated Tolstoy and thought the book was a farce of a joke for a few pages. However, I can’t understate how deeply inspired I am by this tiny work. It has inspired me to write my own theories and essays, if only to modify, review or refute some of Tolstoy’s claims.

For a work that is more than a century old, it predicts future world wars, espouses pacifism, and rejects the traditional churches, all in one go, all the while inventing it’s own Christianity, inspired by the gospel and non-violence.

What a remarkable work. And here I thought, as Tolstoy opposes, that Christianity was past it’s time and that it might be time to embrace a modern and secular condition.

He’s changed my mind a little. Maybe his “version” of Christianity has something to say to the modern man, who thinks Christianity is positively archaic.

Check out the book, it’s free because it’s so old. I found it on Project Gutenberg. I might look up other authors and read their theories. Some of the oldies must be great.