switched from playing League Of Legends to World Of Warcraft …

I’ve decided to make the switch to World Of Warcraft, alliance-side, Emerald Dream (RP-PVP) server, US. Come join us. I’m a night-time strimmer/player, hopping on at around 9pm EST and playing till 2+am in the morning. I mostly PVP, and have a resto/balance Druid and a beast mastery/marksman Hunter that I enjoy. I also have a rogue on the server, but don’t play him much. (Battle.net add me: SteveMini #1687).

I’m also on Area 52 Horde-side, with my retired High Warlord Warlock and a Monk. But I no longer play horde much, so we’ll see. Might faction change / transfer them to Emerald Dream, but we’ll see how things go.

If you’re thinking of playing with us, we have a PVP guild on Emerald Dream server alliance-side. I’m thinkin’ some of us will run mythic+ keys sometimes, too, at least once a week, but we’ll see. Come check us out!

PS: What will happen with League Of Legends? I’m still willing to play LoL on the odd off-night sometimes, but not very often. I just prefer World Of Warcraft at this time. But I’ll play both!

For some reason though, my GPU crashes when streaming League Of Legends, but is fine when I play any other game. I have no idea why. This discourages me from playing/streaming League Of Legends, but we’ll see. I might take my rig in for a repair – it’s under a 4 year warranty I paid extra for – so they might give me a new GPU if it’s not working properly. I’ll try to stream League a few more times and see how it goes and see if it stll freezes or if it was a one-off. If it continues to freeze I might take it in for repairs or even do a fresh install of Windows 11, and see how that goes first.

But for now: Consider me a World Of Warcraft player from now on! Just like old times!

The world’s moved on: No To Sex.

Permit me my inconsistency: I am not interested in either gender. Although I identify as straight and casual, I’ve realized something about sex: The less you have of it, the less you want it.

I used to be that guy. Go to a bar. Use dating apps. Meet up with lovely women and try to ravage the poor sods. Most obliged. I can be pleasant at times. And I’ve always wanted that. Women respect a man who asks for it politely, I suppose. Worked for me.

But nowadays, I’ve gravitated, even in my art, ever away from sex, and more toward whatever I think my adulthood inevitably should be. I’m 42 this year, and not getting any younger. The bottom line: I no longer even want intercourse, and I definitely don’t want a girlfriend. I don’t want sex. Heck I don’t even want to write about it in my fiction or think about it.

I’m fine with asexuality, and living alone. In fact, I prefer such a predicatment to all other outcomes. I’m a homebody and a recluse. I answer to no one but myself.

I can deal with a gen-z label: Asexuality. Sure, I’ll snag an old beau when I can, Asexuality be damned. Am I even Asexual, then? I mean, I’d probably allow a woman to proposition me for pleasure. No, friends, your Gen Z labels don’t apply. I’m done with sex. I’m something of a millennial, and don’t even bother with it anymore. I’m over it. I’m not even Asexual. I have no label. I’m a sexless moron.

And the worst thing about sex is that everybody wants you to have the child if it occurs. Oh hell no you are not going to get my offspring, lady. No to sex. Somebody else can have children and be a sucker. I’ll take my League Of Legends livestreaming at 2am in the morning over having children, any day. I want my free time all to myself.

ALL-SEEING Vision Score title challenge: Anyone else find this ridiculously hard?

To get the title: ALL-SEEING, you’d have to have a vision score of over 2.0/min – and not just once. But in multiple, probably dozens – of games.

Yet in both my games, despite more than doubling the vision of my enemy laner, and taking umbral + zombie in the jungle game, I was unable to get a vision score of 2.0/min. In fact, the challenge asserts that I have never done so – ever – not even once.

Just look at these pics. Despite having such a ginormous vision score lead on my opponents – it was nowhere near 2.0 / min.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. And because everybody queues for support in low ELO, it’s really difficult to get into a game as support even if you queue for it. Making this challenge even more difficult for those of us in low ELO like myself. (And did you know? There’s lots of bots in low ELO who lock in Yummi or a troll pick and dive and die and want to lose – because iron 4 accounts are worth way more than diamond+ accounts. Facts. These botters then sell the account after it hits iron 4 for literally hundreds of dollars).

Anyway: This title unlock seems to be exceptionally difficult. Ima try to get it for a few weeks or months and see how it goes. I don’t mind a challenge. Maybe I’ll get some PERFECT vision score games in and nudge a 2.0/min score. I don’t see how else it’s even possible. But I know people who regularily get 2.0/min effortlessly – without even trying to. So it’s a me thing. I’m doing somethin’ wrong for sure. Note: Both games we lost. Like: badly. Despite my (what I thought was “huge”) vision score. Apparently vision does not win you games, gents. Kills do. lol. Until next time.

My doctor encourages me to play League Of Legends and other video games!

I’m diagnosed with Schizophrenia. But my doctor, himself a casual gamer of sorts, agrees: Playing a few matches every night of my favorite esport: League Of Legends, is probably good for me! He calls this “Behavioral Activation” and claims that my brain releases some good chemicals and stuff – and then I go to bed. He claims all that is probably a good thing, and it’s probably also a good thing that i’ve found a hobby that piques and holds my interest.

Gone are the days when people thought video games were bad for you. In fact, there’s also probably proof somewhere that, they might even be GOOD For your eyes, not bad for them!

I’m all for thinking positive thoughts, and embracing my hobby. Thank goodness my doctor is understanding of my disability and hobby, and is glad I play a few rounds of league of legends every day.

Thanks doc! I’ll definitely continue to do so.

Post-Script: I’ve heard disparaging remarks from the “voices” in my head, telling me not to play league or livestream so late at night. It’s as if chat from my livestream sessions has telepathically invaded my mind, and is disparaging me a little. Anyway: Bottom line: To those of you who think: Get a job or go to sleep or don’t even stream, too f’n bad! It’s my life, gonna live it how I want, definitely gonna spend my free time playing a video game and getting crushed at League Of Legends. I can think of no better way to spend my late night hours. So leave me alone about it, or bottom line: don’t tune in! Watch somebody else. Keep it positive, folks, or don’t come around viewing. See you around 11pm EST most days: my stream is at SteveMini.com

And if you can hit me up telepathically; why disparage me? I’m confused … definitely Paranoid Schizophrenia therefore. I’m probably just hearing things. My mind has a funny way of playing tricks on me. Nobody home.

Most Toronto listings for room and board are “females only”.

End the discrimination! Is it because females clean up after themselves? Maybe they cook better than men do? Why the disguisting and disparaging “female only” remark, when looking to rent? I mean over half the listings I saw, require that you have a vagina – or no can do.

What the heck?!

The Tank or Carry Conundrum

I suppose, because I’m a jungler, it’s my soverign duty to ask Top if he’s going to pick a tank or not, and then pick one myself if he doesn’t do so.

This is low ELO logic: We need a front line. Someone to soak damage and distract the enemy.

I’ve realized one thing after playing tanks, then switching to a carry like Yi, and now back to Tanks again, presumably.

Tanks win low ELO games, despite all the hate. Sure, in a high ELO match, damage will always outscale your armor and resists, really. People farm better, pick more optimal builds, and output more damage. They also probably level quicker.

But in low ELO where nobody gives a damn, tanks really are a force to be reckoned with. a team with one tank is formidable. But imagine a tank with two or three beefy characters. It gets interesting when nobody is taking any damage.

Now if only I could find a tank that actually gets me kills.

Queue Mordekaiser JG. Not only is his passive active on jungle camps, giving him a healthy clear, but his E and his R ulti are made for ganking. You would think: Just build him a little tanky, and voila! you’ve got yourself a ganker and a fast-clearing monster.

But things didn’t really work out that way for me. I don’t think I’m good with mordekaiser in the Jungle. Why not? The perennial problem: How much damage is too much? How much tank is too much? How much damage is too little, therefore?

I’m going to return to Mordekaiser JG today, and maybe even play him Top. Every time someone queues Mordekaiser they roflstomp us. Why can’t I be that guy?

Check out my strim. Live after 10pm EST most days. SteveMini.com

note: The one tank I’m actually good with in the jungle? Dr. Mundo. Heck, he’s even an exotic pick, because not many people play him jungle. But I have an above average win-rate playing him in the jungle. And If I need an AP Tank? Look no further than Amumu jungle. With two q’s and an AoE ulti, all of which stun, you can’t go wrong with three stuns and amumu tanky.

Top: way better than mid? EE

Of both solo lanes, I’ve had a really tough time in the mid-lane, where everyone crashes the party pretty early on in the game, and multiple ganks can occur.

On the other hand, Top is an “island”; it’s truly a 1v1 for a very long time, often until the game has already been decided elsewhere.

I played Darius and Olaf top and won both games. This is a far cry from Yone mid 0-6; Or other assassins which get destroyed.

Heck, you even build a little armor and go bruiser if you’re top-lane. Besides, all the fun, broken, overpowered champions are all top laners. Think about it: Teemo, Tryndamere, Darius, Olaf, Illaoi, just to name a few. Then there’s stuff I consider fun but am horrible with, but would love to learn and practice, like Akali, Kayle and Yone, which can also top-lane.

Top lane is where it’s at.

Jungle diffy no more?

In the bottom 1%

Iron 2-4 Jungler

Steve Mini from the 6.

PS: Thinkin’ of Darius / Olaf two-tricking to see how high I can climb.

PS: EE means “Evil Empire”. It’s my self-professed guild and a shoutout, it’s like gg only evil. Shout out to all my hoodies livin’ evil. EE

Buff Yone!

I recently watched a few games of Yone in grandmaster (I use the porofessor site religiously to study League Of Legends – I’m something of a connisseur though I’m personally ranked very low – I watch high level play often). The first several games I watched, Yone got absolutely destroyed, and didn’t even land a single kill.

After about three games of that, I actually saw a game where he did well and won the game.

What do yall think? At leagueofgraphs.com he has a 48%ish win rate (anything below 50% is in the negative and considered pretty damn terrible). Yet he’s also often banned, and often picked.

I’d love to learn how to play Yone well. I really like this champion, but damn. 48% wr. Buff Yone!

The bottom 1%

I’m terrible at league of legends. So much so that 99% of people rank higher than me. I don’t understand how I can play a game so much and never improve. Is there something wrong with me? How am I always absolutely destroyed – even in norms where I hope to not face smurfs and just learn a new champion? I mean, i don’t mind, i’m having fun. But it’s demoralizing and disheartening to constantly get no kills, be outfarmed, and in general, play horrible.

I’m terrible. But I love the game and refuse to quit.

League Of Legends: cc. and gap-closers and the Bottom 1%

I’ve realized something in my journey from an obscure jungler with only 1-2 picks, to one of the very worst-ranked junglers there is. I’m in the bottom 1% of the ladder, meaning 99% of people are actually ranked higher than me.

I’ll get to why in a moment. But at any rate. I prefer Junglers with a Crowd-Control mechanic, and lately, I’ve also been learning Junglers with a gap-closer, too.

My first mistake as a Jungler is playing whatever I like – not what is most likely to win. I play for fun. As I often joke and say: I play for skins, not for wins. I play whatever looks cool and is aesthetically pleasing. And that’s probably a mistake if you want to climb.

Climbing is no joke. There are several things holding me back. First of all, when you think of the bottom 1% of the ladder, you think to yourself: People must suck. That’s where you’re wrong. There’s a huge amount of smurfs at the bottom of the ladder, and often, some games are very one-sided, with a champion getting 15+ kills in the first few minutes of the game and absolutely destroying us.

Then there’s people who want to lose, because the lowest-ranked accounts are worth the most amount of money. Seriously: a diamond+ account is worth way less than an Iron 4 account. So there’s botters who lock in a position, intentionally fail, and want to lose. If they’re on your team, you’re probably going to lose, too.

So, the bottom line is this: If you can’t carry a game, you’re more than likely not going to make it out of iron.

And I can’t carry games. I’m a jungler who averages a few kills, and plays for objectives. I’m an average jungler – not too bad – I often claim the dragon or rift herald, and contribute lots of vision in my games. But i’m too passive, I’m not aggressive enough. I don’t carry games. I farm up, and hope for the best. And that’s not how League Of Legends works.

You need to get a few kills in the early game, ideally 3+. Once that happens you’re half an item ahead, which is huge. You then proceed to ‘snowball’, annihilating the opposition all game long if you’re careful and smart and aggressive and keep a lead.

And that’s not the type of jungler I play. I need to try and win the early game, and play a jungler who ganks very well, and take huge risks that might pay off. And when they do: you win games by getting ahead.

In short: I need to learn how to Jungle better, and not just Jungle for fun. gg.

Your Iron 4 Jungler, in the bottom 1%

Steve Mini from the 6.

For more information about me jungling, check out my win percentages and match history and champion selections at op.gg:


you can follow my stream at: NeutralGod.com I’m live at 10pm – 2am+ EST daily and just play the top 100 Non-Copyright sounds and Jungle – I don’t check chat so just private message me or add me to facebook if you need me: Stephen Miniotis.

See ya.