Started a Journal, after all these years…

5 Jan 2022 Wed.

My cholesterol was high so I started walking every day for over an hour. Whilst walking, I started recording myself talking. That’s right, y’all, I’ve finally started a journal, after all these years …

I don’t remember much about my life, like what the voices were even talking about during my psychotic episodes or breaks with reality.

I would love to pursue sessions of hypnosis to unearth these memories, but I probably can’t afford a professional to do so and don’t know of anyone who could help for free.

But what little I remember, I will talk about in my walking journal, now that I have to walk one hour a day, I might as well record myself talking whilst doing so…

What I will be talking about in my walking journal/diary are what kind of books I want to be writing, outlines of various stories or books on my mind, and quite possibly, descriptions of the voices in my head, sort of like character sketches …

Though I don’t often talk too much about what the voices say, I can say that I used to play dungeons and dragons with the voices in my head as player characters. It got to the point where I unearthed an entire metaverse full of characters, villians and heroes, just by talking to the characters in my head.

Can this be a podcast some day? I hope so.

Catch you on the block, hoodies.

Steve Mini from the 6.

Started Shoutcasting on YouTube! Here’s a Sample:

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Conversations With Myself: “I am not in your mind…”

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Thank you for all the comments. About 4,000 comments so far. I know some of you wonder about what it’s like hearing voices. Here’s a little sample.

I heard another curious voice today (Sometimes I get a little paranoid. I’m schizophrenic).

The voice tried to explain to me that nobody is in my mind.

It went a little something like this.

“Nobody is in your mind. I’m not in your mind. But if I was in your mind, and heard all this nonsense, about war and telepathy, I’d probably call a cop. Therefore, I am not in your mind. Nobody is in your mind. Nobody home.”

The voices curiously tried to explain to me that nobody is in my mind.

I suppose therefore that I am ill.

But conversations go a little something like this, for those curious.

“So you’re telling me that nobody is in my mind? Then why do I hear voices?”

“Because you’re ill. Paranoid Schizophrenia.”

“So I’m not a telepathic mutant?”

“Nope. and furthermore: Nobody is in your mind. If I were in your mind, I’d call a cop.”

I thought about this a little, and realized that I myself would not have contacted the police at all.

“I’m a little anti-authority and would make a good anarchist. No to the police.” I quipped.

I then elaborated: “So just who are these voices in my head? Will they ever be me, and think like me? Or will we disagree? Do they have their own construction, their own authority, as I’ve claimed elsewhere, in my theories … an authority which I reject, by the way … or are they their own characters, their own fictitious works of literature? For, I am an artist, self-professed, and an English literature undergrad. And I’d like one badguy a week, if you so please. So talk to me, and be evil … I won’t mind. I am ill. I’m a writer.

But, badguy, you are evil, and I’m not good. And our alignment is a secret to everybody else. You’re a badguy. and goodguy/badguy group is an invention of mine; perhaps even, a fiction, a story, a tale, a novel. When I tell you to go to hell, you certainly do. And I meet you there. Even though right at this moment we’re standing in Heaven … and so forth. So on whose authority but my own do you decide nobody is in my mind?”

“I am you and you’re not me.” The voice quips, quizzically and paradoxically. I’ll have to think on that one, and write a little rant or theory about it later. For now I reject it’s sentience. And return to creating League Of Legends Content.

These sometimes circular arguments are dissertations in and of themselves; and I don’t have the wherewithal nor the knowledge to write them eloquently. I don’t write often about my voices, but I know one thing. I reject their authority, consider them all bad guys or evil, and in general, laugh about their incredulous claims, for example, that I am somehow their G-d, since I created them… and that I am the rightful heir and emperor of modern earth, and so forth. It’s a slippery slope. The voices should never be believed or trusted. That’s my take on Schizophrenia, y’all. That’s why many medical people have said to me: Try not to even hear voices in the first place. Take your meds to inhibit them. (I’m on a 3-month injection cycle).

The truth is: I don’t mind hearing voices. I never believe them and never trust them. They’re fodder for my fiction and theories. In an odd, sort of abusive way, I’ve come to empathyse and sympathise with my voices, even if they call me a n-word and a jew. (My family was from Greece in Europe. I’m a white Christian Secular Canadian so I have no idea what they’re on about – they even call me a fag sometimes, though as far as I know i’m straight and not attracted to men). They even tell me to die or do others harm sometimes, which is the worst-case scenario of voices. When you get those, you consider hospitalization. I try to ignore these voices, and avoid hospitalization at times.

But sometimes, it seems like I’m in an abusive relationship with myself.

Mini’s Quest Paladin!

This deck needs an overhaul. The same 1-cost minions don’t trigger the quest completion. You need DIFFERENT 1 cost minions, not two of the same, for the most part, so that you complete quest faster.

I’ll update this in the coming days. The mini-set just came out. So we’ll see what’s good. Let the meta settle a little for about a week.

Update in a bit few days (3 November 2021).

Mini’s Quest Paladin (v2.1)

Class: Paladin

Format: Standard

Year of the Gryphon


2x (1) Arcane Anomaly

2x (1) Argent Squire

2x (1) Avenge

2x (1) First Day of School

2x (1) Intrepid Initiate

2x (1) Knight of Anointment

2x (1) Righteous Protector

1x (1) Rise to the Occasion

2x (1) Tour Guide

1x (1) Young Priestess

2x (2) Hand of A’dal

2x (2) Pursuit of Justice

2x (4) Blessing of Kings

2x (4) Truesilver Champion

2x (5) Blessing of Authority

2x (6) Hammer of the Naaru


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Generated by HDT –

Mini’s Spell Hunter!

though this deck has exactly 3 beasts in the deck, to get buffed by the warsong wrangler, (note: always buff the encumbered pack mule if none have died yet, as it copies itself and the copy is also buffed!). Anyway, nearly everything else is a spell that counts toward quest completion. I’ve recently re-added bola shot because I think the higher you climb the more you face multiple low-level cards on the board in the early game, which it’s good against. Bearshark is also a good card. It’s great against mage decks or any caster deck, really, including other quest hunters. Just a great card, especially if it catches a buff from scrap shot or warsong wrangler.

This deck basically hopes for a Warsong Wrangler mulligan, to buff some of it’s beasts. Otherwise it’s pretty simple: Spell your opponent down and get through the quest as fast as possible so that you can use more spells and, as per the quest reward, continue to reset your hero power and use it as many times as possible to face the opponent down.

notable cards: King Krush. Instead of Alextrasza you could use King Krush, who’s also considered a “BEAST”; they’re both 9 mana-cost minions who do 8 damage (he has charge whilst she simply attacks for 8 damage). Scrap shot will buff King Krush because he’s a beast; so there’s that. I also like Nagrand Slam, a 10-cost card. If the game goes long, it’s good to have 1 or 2 high level cards in the deck, which I call “ace” cards.

Fun deck!

Until next time.

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

please follow:

Mini’s Spell Hunter! (v1.6)

Class: Hunter

Format: Standard

Year of the Gryphon


2x (1) Arcane Shot

1x (1) Defend the Dwarven District

2x (1) Overwhelm

2x (1) Wound Prey

2x (2) Bola Shot

2x (2) Encumbered Pack Mule

2x (2) Explosive Trap

2x (2) Quick Shot

2x (2) Wandmaker

2x (3) Aimed Shot

2x (3) Bearshark

2x (4) Piercing Shot

2x (4) Scrap Shot

2x (4) Warsong Wrangler

2x (5) Trampling Rhino

1x (9) Alexstrasza the Life-Binder


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Generated by HDT –

Decks (from: “Neologisms”)

Decks is a new neologism of mine. Because I am a paranoid schizophrenic, I frequently write things that don’t make sense to anybody else. It’s no wonder i’m a writer and an part-time English undergrad. I am constantly explaining my zany thoughts and crazy concepts by writing about them.

Here’s my latest game with the voices in my head:”Decks”.

Decks are the sum-total of your human thoughts. They’re lines of information. They’re human thoughts collected, one by one, with each line played in the subconscious turned into a card and left in the memory. When played by recalling the line, a response is heard!

The voices that reply with their own lines, can be anything from a made up character’s reaction to an emulated celebrity’s unauthentic voice, telling you what it thinks.

Some decks are opposed. This is where I have created a classification of decks, “heaven decks” and “hell decks”. You’re usually either in heaven, where the rule of law is respected, or in hell, where the rule of law isn’t respected at all.

Criminals and their consortium, though they’d just as soon lie to you and tell you they’re in heaven, are actually in some sort of living hell, breaking rules, breaking the law, and well, living a sort of “hell” that most regular people tend to avoid by being honest, hard working, law abiding, “heaven decks” and good citizens.

This book I’m writing, dubbed “Decks”, is about a world where people collect thoughts like a card-game with each thought a valuable card. Whenever a valuable thought spawns, a price is listed and can sell, trade, or discard it.

I’ve played “Decks” by myself, since telepathy is not live -but i hear replies, people i.e. characters/voices buying cards, bidding, trading cards, using cards/lines, etc in my head. My interesting and complicated inner world is constantly updating me with what I call data or information.

Who knows where this might go? I wonder if anybody connects to my brain and chats with me or if all of my work is uniquely my own and made up. I get a little paranoid sometimes, but i’m harmless.

Your secular artist,

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

My reading pledge: an hour a day: 24-36 books a year.

I’ve pledged to read about 25 paperback pages, or a minimum of an hour a day, every day for life.

I’m a part-time English literature undergrad, who takes a course at the prestigious University Of Toronto every year.

This year I realized that I would have to read 8 books and about twenty short stories for my two half-courses.

I figured what the heck. Might as well dock it, time it, and make sure it occurs. Why not every day for life?

At about an hour’s reading, you could knock off a book every two weeks. That’s 2-3 books a month. That’s probably 24-36 books a year.

To commiserate “my yout”; which wasted on video games, and sci-fi and fantasy books, I will attempt to read, on a kindle, the top 100 of science fiction and fantasy books. That’s more than 100+ books. This could take me three to five years if I put in the work and read for about an hour a day. (edit: It’s actually several hundred books. It could take me a decade or more to read all of them if I’m reading at one hour a day!)

By that time I should be finishing my degree in English literature and starting to spend more and more of my free time writing and less of it playing things like World Of Warcraft.

Besides, I’m a hearthstone streamer now. Don’t @ me. one or two seshes a week and all the quests are done.

I even have two twitch accounts for now, none of which is partnered (so you can’t subscribe, but you can follow me):

Anyway, back to reading. I would love for this to eventually be a charity goal of mine. And if I complete it, I donate to charity or raise funds. I’m huge into literacy and books. Would also love to be a sponsored reader somehow. We’ll see.

If you pledge today to beat me and read more than me, I will smile. I think often how many people don’t read at all and it terrifies me. I hope this inspires you. Despite my illness (i.e. distracting voices, schizophrenia), I will persevere and even graduate.

Yours truly,

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

Edit: Post-script: Actually, the top 100 books of all time are several hundred volumes. eg. Lord Of The Rings is 3-4 books. Reading them all could take me longer than I thought, possibly a decade. Anyway, my kindle is now loaded up and ready to go!