Riot do something about low ELO. More than 50% of my ranked games include a bot.

Just when you want to break out your favorite champion and dominate the rift. You’re stuck with an AI on your team who feeds the other team, getting them ahead.

How to ever climb out of IRON ELO? You can’t. you’re stuck with bots on your team, forcing you to lose games you otherwise would have won.

And i’m not talking just a few games. I’m talking more than 50% of the games.

Why? Because tanking an account and then selling it is worth more than ranking it up. I’m not kidding. Iron 4 accounts are worth more than diamond accounts.

Broken Champion Series: Galio Support

Bro. What. Is. This. Damage.

First of all his Q does % health damage. Like +12% at level 1. Secondly, his W is a taunt. Thirdly, his E is a charge/knock-up. Finally, he basically has a nearly-global ulti akin to pantheon’s. Only Galios ulti is an AoE CC? Are we being serious?

His passive is a huge chunk of damage and AoE. One of the great passives for pure raw damage dealing.

Tip: His Q is awesome for stealing objectives like the Dragon or Rift Herald, right over the wall! It lasts two seconds and can last-hit quite effectively.

This champ also has a good wave clear, with his passive + Q, meaning you can play him top, mid, or bottom in a pinch, though I’m not sure of his matchups. His MR shield makes him particularily potent against AP champions.

Bruh this support champion is so br0k3n. Why does he even have an MR shield? Just in case he wasn’t.

Bruh …

Galio Support. Try it today.