Hypercarries and the tank meta

The way I see it there’s two options in League Of Legends. You pick Master Yi and hypercarry; or you ban him and pick a tank in the jungle.

There’s no two ways about it. Master Yi is brok3n in low ELO. I’m even warming up to another hypercarry: Bel’Veth in case Yi is banned. But there’s a third option: Jax as a hypercarry. King’s blade into Guinsoo’s into Jak’Sho: AP be damned.

Why did they ‘fix’ Jax by making 3/4 of his kit AP? Nobody cares. Everybody goes AD on Jax regardless. And it doesn’t scale. But it works. Thinkin’ of going Nashor’s Tooth on Jax instead. But is it at least as good as King’s Blade? Nah.

GG. btw Hypercarries suck compared to tanks.

Amumu/Mordekaiser AP and Volibear/Mundo AD. This is all you need in the Jungle. And build full tank with a splash of DPS. gg

I win more with tanks than I do by taking hypercarries. It’s sad.

Riot do something about low ELO. More than 50% of my ranked games include a bot.

Just when you want to break out your favorite champion and dominate the rift. You’re stuck with an AI on your team who feeds the other team, getting them ahead.

How to ever climb out of IRON ELO? You can’t. you’re stuck with bots on your team, forcing you to lose games you otherwise would have won.

And i’m not talking just a few games. I’m talking more than 50% of the games.

Why? Because tanking an account and then selling it is worth more than ranking it up. I’m not kidding. Iron 4 accounts are worth more than diamond accounts.

Unlocked Grey Warwick with Honor 5 token!

If you’re not a complete scumbag and a trash human being, you can get Honor 5 in League Of Legends fairly easily. Just continue to assist your team and never be toxic in chat, which is where some people go astray, and you’ll get that honor!

Not getting enough? For practically guaranteed honor, pick support or bottom. Since it’s a duo lane, your partner usually honors you for playing in a calm and assertive manner, if you don’t rage or quit and just play to your strengths. But I’d advise you: pick whatever lane you think you can carry in; as people honor those who get fed and get ahead usually. The stats don’t lie at the end of the game. If you keep ending the game 1-6 you won’t get as much honor as someone who consistendly goes 13-2. Pick your best lane and champion, therefore, and get that bread!

Note: Thank you to riot games – I accidentally bought the chroma instead of the skin, and they politely refunded my token, even though they told me they don’t usually refund honor 5 tokens. Thanks for making an exception! Got my Grey Warwick skin unlocked now!

League Of Legends: a possible +70% Tenacity from two Rune selections only!

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I’ve realized something. In League Of Legends, if you choose LEGEND: TENACITY and UNFLINCHING, at low health, 30%, with max stacks, you get 70% TENACITY. If you’ve bought the MR boots, which give an extra 30% Tenacity, you get 100% Tenacity.

This is great on my beefy bois; tanky champions in the jungle like Zac, Dr. Mundo, Volibear, Trundle; or if you’re feeling very brave, even tanky boi Cho’Gath Jungle. Heck even bruisers like Warwick, Jarvain IV, and Assassins like Xin Zhao, Nocturne can benefit from having lots of tenacity, though, the more tanky you are, the more CC’d you get.

Hell yeah! and you can even pick Conqueror, too!

Catch you on the rift, summoners!

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

PS: someone told me this: “With lethal tempo currently buffed as of next patch, I see no reason why this shouldn’t be meta as you’ll often probably be going Lethal Tempo until it’s nerfed either way. Yes to YELLOW main +GREEN offspec. Yes to LEGEND: TENACITY and UNFLINCHING.” I don’t know if this is true haven’t looked at 11.22 yet.

Kayn buff? What were they thinking? I was already banning him every game… Rito what are you smoking?

League Of Legends: Attack Speed Steroids and the Jungle meta.

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I’ve realized something. Some junglers have an attack speed steroid built right into their kit!

For this reason, though low in ELO, I’m learning these junglers, who all have an attack speed steroid built into their kit:

Xhin Zhao
Jarvain IV

also Dr. Mundo* (Tank)
(My one AP jungler is Fiddlesticks)

All of these champions have an attack speed multiplier built right into their abilities and kit. They also give you a good selection of tanking, bruiser/ganker and assassin, depending on what you’re facing and what items you build.

*Mundo has an Attack Damage steroid in his kit, instead of Attack Speed, which is, quite possibly, even better than Attack Speed.

When playing an AD Jungle, For the first item or two, I prioritize stats like this:

Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Armor Penetration > Armor, Magic Resist, Health > Tenacity, Movement Speed

The third item is definitely armor, health (or magic resistance, depending on the enemy comp).

Though all of these stats are important; I absolutely want to do the most amount of damage possible before anything else is considered. Because I’m a jungler. Damage increases your clear rate and allows you to gank more.

However the second or third item is necessarily an armor, health or magic resist item frequently, because as the game goes on you simply need more health and armor or magic resist to stay relevant.

Feel free to watch me midnights EST. No cam or mic, and low rank, but fun 🙂 and some chill Non-Copyright-Sound beats!


Also here’s my match history, including champion selection and win rates:

op.gg: SteveMini (North America)

all my links here: https://wlo.link/@StephenMiniotis