Broken Champion Series: Galio Support

Bro. What. Is. This. Damage.

First of all his Q does % health damage. Like +12% at level 1. Secondly, his W is a taunt. Thirdly, his E is a charge/knock-up. Finally, he basically has a nearly-global ulti akin to pantheon’s. Only Galios ulti is an AoE CC? Are we being serious?

His passive is a huge chunk of damage and AoE. One of the great passives for pure raw damage dealing.

Tip: His Q is awesome for stealing objectives like the Dragon or Rift Herald, right over the wall! It lasts two seconds and can last-hit quite effectively.

This champ also has a good wave clear, with his passive + Q, meaning you can play him top, mid, or bottom in a pinch, though I’m not sure of his matchups. His MR shield makes him particularily potent against AP champions.

Bruh this support champion is so br0k3n. Why does he even have an MR shield? Just in case he wasn’t.

Bruh …

Galio Support. Try it today.

Diana: The AP Yi?

I forgot how fun Diana can be. Gosh her damage seems outragous, something akin to Master Yi’s.

Her passive is not only a great damage buff, but an attack speed steroid, too.

I had so much fun with this pick until I thought to myself: Wait a minute: What if they pick this champion into me? I’m terrified of this damage!

I suppose, like every jungler I’ve been playing, the question is: do you go Sunfire second or third item? Or stick to AP? Shattered … seems like it could be fun, too, for the invul.

Nashor’s tooth first, of course 😉

First Pick/Ban: Master Yi

I used to ban Master YI every single game. His damage was too great. I couldn’t compete. If the enemy team got him, it was sure to be a loss.

Now a days, I’m ridin’ risky. I leave him open and try to first pick him. I’m amazed that people don’t instantly first pick Master Yi when he’s up, and that many people, even in low ELO, don’t bother to ban him.

I’m beginning to one trick him, but still ban him when I don’t intend on playing him.

Master Yi is my first pick/first ban when I’m jungling. The other day I had 17+ kills in a game as Master Yi. I usually only get a handful of kills. There’s a difference when I play Yi: I don’t mind being aggressive.

Lookin’ like the other oft’-banned Jungler: Bel’Veth, should be my second choice. Picking these two champions I should be able to carry my way out of iron. That’s IF I can carry. Big if – I usually play a tank and go for objectives.

I’ll report back in a few days, maybe a week and tell you how I’m doing with Master Yi / Bel’Veth in the Jungle.

I’m in Iron.

The Quinn Cheese, especially vs. melee.

I’m just gonna say this and be done with it: Quinn’s E is broken at level 1. Along with a long sword and cut-down, and a refillable potion (Or a Dorian’s Blade), you can literally sit in the bush nearest to your opponent (get there first, please), and literally “cheese” him off the minions by landing an E when he walks up. If the E lands you trade until he’s dead – or he backs down. If he backs down you get level 2 – he’s still level 1. Continue to bully him – this time with your long-range Q AND your E. It’s basically gg at this point. I’ve seen videos where Quinn gets level 3 and the melee is STILL level 1 and trying to CS under his tower. It can be done. And I’m dubbing it: The Quinn Cheese.

You can cheese your way all the way above Diamond ELO with this strat. And it probably works on ranged champions too, but melees are often doomed. Imagine cheesing Renekton, Darius, Cho’gath, Olaf in this way – and they fall behind a couple of levels. Kayle, Illaoi. All melee. Just remember to return to the bush whenever the next wave comes – they won’t attack you. once they walk past you, continue to cheese and pressure with Q and E. Or you know what? W second and run him down with W and E, which I had not thought of, and don’t know much about, but anyway. Check out the video, below.

And you know what? The world no.1 Quinn probably does this every game, and actually taught me how to do this in a video, here:

Solo lanes, The Damage Principle, and Junglers behind.

I used to be a jungler in Iron 4. Recently started playing Quinn Top. What a difference! Yes to solo lanes. You level way faster and get ahead with tons of farm which is all yours until the mid game.

I’ve also espoused a damage principle: Only go for damage, and win in the mid-game with tons of damage. This works for Quinn top and several other characters like Teemo. Why? Because each of Quinns first 3 reccomended items are all huge damage spikes! And look at her mobility: She can cross the map in seconds, going for ganks, joining the team to take an objective like rift, baron or dragon.

Maybe mid and bottom slap, too. Because of my self-expressed damage principle. Go full damage, folks! Don’t muck about with bruisers and tanks. You’ll see a world of difference. No wonder all the replays I watch – many people go full damage and get ahead in the higher ELOs.

Speaking of which, I have a bone to pick with the Jungle role and Junglers. I was playing Ahri mid one game and ping’d jungle. I had just gotten from level 5 to level 6. He showed up and he was still level 3! To me this is a liability not an assist. Please go afk farm and try to tackle an objective. Stay far away from my lane please. But junglers are often 2-3 levels behind in the mid game. As such the role is like playing a support – from behind, as somebody who assists others. Junglers: You need a fast-clearing jungler to even keep up in levels, and he needs to be able to gank well. Do a fast full clear to get level 4 quickly. Then scout for a late scuttle – if it’s not there who cares. But nobody picks those sorts of junglers – everybody tries to hard carry – and that’s not how Jungle works at the moment. I’m routinely amazed when I see a jungler pop off. I never do when i’m jungle. I could be wrong – I’m in iron 4-iron 2 after all. Don’t take my word for it. But yeah: Damage principle – go full damage – but not when you’re jungle? gg. RIP Jungler meta.

Quinn Slaps!

Quinn Top is awesome! It’s like you’re a carry with insane movement speed post-level-6 to cross the entire map and get a kill. Her first reccommended three items are all huge damage spikes. By mid game you’re a monster.

I only need to learn how to CS better. And i’m calling it right now: Teemo as a backup.

I think that pure, striaght, unbridled damage is king. No more tanks for me. Yes to Quinn top. Pure damage, please. Yes to teemo, too, therefore. Besides: both are ranged champions. eZ

Quinn’s Star Guardian skin looks like she’s could be in a pride parade. lol. What yall think? I bought all the chromas and am havin’ fun with it. It’s a bit troll. I’m straight btw.

Gaming: Damage is King! (League Of Legends)

Though I love playing defensively, inheritely i need to learn how to play hypercarries in the Jungle. You’ve all seen the highly ranked replays. Carries who build 100% damage and nothing else. Carries who only build a little survivability to eek out that extra damage by staying up a little longer.

I’ve realized something. Damage is king. It allows you to clear faster, getting back to ganking. It allows you to dominate the early to mid game, by one-shotting squishies. It allows you to set the tempo of the game, by getting a few kills. It allows you to clear objectives faster.

That having been said, I’ll wuss out sometimes and play a tank in the Jungle. Or a bruiser hybrid, who also builds defensive or hybrid items with defensive stats on them.

Hypercarries are hard. But once you learn them, and focus on damage or DPS, you’ll be a literal monster at this game.

DOn’t wuss out. Pick characters who compliment building items for maximum damage.

Here’s my favorite ‘hypercarries’ which I build damage on:

Jungle Carries:

Master Yi

I’ve also recently added:

Wukong (exotic pick)

As an ‘exotic pick’. I build blade of the ruined king second on him. Because of his clone W, which is now also a dash, and they also buffed his ultimate R, which can now be cast twice, and they also buffed his Q, attacks from minions now reduce it’s cooldown, In general he’s not a bad jungler.

But you know who I want to really jungle with and troll a few games? Predator Darius. Maybe my offrole should be top lane. I like many of the top lane champions. Another exotic pick I play as a tank in the jungle, who’s usually a top laner, is Dr. Mundo. Or Mordekaiser, even. You see I used to like playing tanks in the Jungle. No wonder i’ve been bronze or iron every season. I never really learned how to maximize damage and carry.

Check out my champion selection, KDA average and win rates on the link that says ‘OP.GG’. All my links here: Also follow my twitch and subscribe to my YouTube, where I shoutcast high level replays:

Other Junglers I play or want to learn:

Brusier Hybrids (a mix of damage/defensive stats):

Xin Zhao
Jarvain IV
Mordekaiser (AP – exotic pick)
Amumu (AP)

Tanks (on which I build purely defensive stats):

Dr. Mundo (exotic pick)

League Of Legends: a possible +70% Tenacity from two Rune selections only!

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I’ve realized something. In League Of Legends, if you choose LEGEND: TENACITY and UNFLINCHING, at low health, 30%, with max stacks, you get 70% TENACITY. If you’ve bought the MR boots, which give an extra 30% Tenacity, you get 100% Tenacity.

This is great on my beefy bois; tanky champions in the jungle like Zac, Dr. Mundo, Volibear, Trundle; or if you’re feeling very brave, even tanky boi Cho’Gath Jungle. Heck even bruisers like Warwick, Jarvain IV, and Assassins like Xin Zhao, Nocturne can benefit from having lots of tenacity, though, the more tanky you are, the more CC’d you get.

Hell yeah! and you can even pick Conqueror, too!

Catch you on the rift, summoners!

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

PS: someone told me this: “With lethal tempo currently buffed as of next patch, I see no reason why this shouldn’t be meta as you’ll often probably be going Lethal Tempo until it’s nerfed either way. Yes to YELLOW main +GREEN offspec. Yes to LEGEND: TENACITY and UNFLINCHING.” I don’t know if this is true haven’t looked at 11.22 yet.

Kayn buff? What were they thinking? I was already banning him every game… Rito what are you smoking?

League Of Legends: Attack Speed Steroids and the Jungle meta.

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I’ve realized something. Some junglers have an attack speed steroid built right into their kit!

For this reason, though low in ELO, I’m learning these junglers, who all have an attack speed steroid built into their kit:

Xhin Zhao
Jarvain IV

also Dr. Mundo* (Tank)
(My one AP jungler is Fiddlesticks)

All of these champions have an attack speed multiplier built right into their abilities and kit. They also give you a good selection of tanking, bruiser/ganker and assassin, depending on what you’re facing and what items you build.

*Mundo has an Attack Damage steroid in his kit, instead of Attack Speed, which is, quite possibly, even better than Attack Speed.

When playing an AD Jungle, For the first item or two, I prioritize stats like this:

Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Armor Penetration > Armor, Magic Resist, Health > Tenacity, Movement Speed

The third item is definitely armor, health (or magic resistance, depending on the enemy comp).

Though all of these stats are important; I absolutely want to do the most amount of damage possible before anything else is considered. Because I’m a jungler. Damage increases your clear rate and allows you to gank more.

However the second or third item is necessarily an armor, health or magic resist item frequently, because as the game goes on you simply need more health and armor or magic resist to stay relevant.

Feel free to watch me midnights EST. No cam or mic, and low rank, but fun 🙂 and some chill Non-Copyright-Sound beats!

Also here’s my match history, including champion selection and win rates: SteveMini (North America)

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