Thinking of a Bard/Minstrel and Ranger.

I’ve purposefully overloaded Neutral G. even his weapons are sentient and his extroardinary abilities, some of which are innate, seem pretty damn powerful.

I’ve since moved on from Neutral G. to other characters. I might “nerf” Neutral G. a little. He seems a little O.P. (“overpowered”).

I’ll clean things up eventually – maybe even write a little fiction.

Thinking of producing films

I’ve been “writing” (thinking about, but not physically typing yet), some films which I feel would be best left as short films, and paired together.

I don’t think many people would view my films, but maybe they could download them for free or something.

To raise money for the projects, I’m thinking of selling domains, made up of keywords from the films I make.

heck, i already pocketed for a few bucks. anybody want it for 10 grand?

I didn’t think so.

Maybe when that particular film comes out, the domain will be worth something. If ever. It’s a long shot, but I’m some kind of writer. Maybe I’ll figure things out.

Steve Mini from the 6.

Started work on two works: “The Epithet” and “The Totalitarian State”

I’ve started work (mostly for fun, for i’m an amateur and consider myself a literary hack), on two scripts.

The Epithet


The Totalitarian State

Stemming from my experiences in talking to myself, wherefore, a totalitarian regime tried to, and I quote “seize the means of production and create in me an artist, that will write and produce works of art”, the voices in my head declared me a neutral god, and attempted a coup of my faculties.

The epithet use, which is a movie about the loaded term, the n word, and why I’ve been called it my entire life, from the voices in my head.

Both of these films, if they ever even make it to production, which they won’t, are probably already opposed.

But I write for fun, and not for profit. So we’ll see.

THe fact is: I created them, and that’s art. I’m alright with that.

As the totalitarian state in my mind says “please don’t support our Artist. Leave him broke please. No to art.”

I’m an artist. and writing is a compulsion I suppose. Very Totalitarian of me.

Except im a left-leaning progressive.

Nobody home, as the voices often say.

Steve Mini from the 6.

Film: The Northman

I watched The Northman today. It was an interesting flick. What I found compelling was the part of the storyline which claimed, unabashedly, that we cannot avoid our fate, something very ancient greekish in my Greek-Canadian opinion.

Movies like this inspire me to write more fantasy. I wish I could break down and pause some of the fight scenes to describe them in words, so as to borrow some action for a fantasy novel i’m writing.

It did not disappoint, but left more to be wanting. Hollywood, please make more movies like this one.

I might edit this post in the days to come and write a more compelling review, one with no spoilers I would hope. Or I might not. Catch you on the flip side.

Steve Mini from the 6.