Chess: the stubby or mini: chess openings theory.

I espoused my own tradition in Chess. The ‘mini’ opening is a one-square pawn opening, often d3, usually to take the other side of the board, e4 or c4 second, depending on the response. Usually away from the player. note: I suck at chess. but d3 then c4 or e4 seems pretty great.

This I call the ‘stubby’ or mini, because my first pawn only moves one square. I’ve been toying with which pawn to stubby or mini with. Alas, I’m worse than a novice and often have several blunders per game. I’m terrible. But so far, the opening is going well.

I wonder when I’ll grow out of this phase of my learning chess, out of this stubby or mini opening theory.

I’m learning alot and enjoying it very much. second move e4 seems great when I get white. Just having that diagonal on move two is so great.

I do this for both black and white pieces. the stubby or mini. who woulda thought?

I make unforgivable rookie mistakes though and lose the game. But that’s okay too. I’m just learning and having fun.