Proud to be a freemason, of sorts … but upset about one thing:

While I was an undergrad in university, I joined a fraternity. I pledged and was initiated. I was always keenly interested in what some erroneously call “secret societies”; it was only natural that one day, I’d want to become a freemason.

I respect that I was raised to the “sublime” degree of Master Mason and fully initiated; Freemasons hold that the third degree is the highest one can be bestowed upon, and the rest are just extrapolations therein. I’m fine with that alternative; I’ve never joined the Scottish Rite all the way to the 32nd degree!

Respect all my bretheren and the work. But what bothered me was the question I was asked, before becoming a freemason. In fact, I was carefully instructed that, if I didn’t believe in a supreme being, that I could never be a freemason.

Do I believe in G-d? That question, I find extremely personal, and not one I can readily answer with a “yes” or “no”. But the way my brethren formulated the question: something along the lines of “A Grand Architect Of The Universe” it was difficult to oppose and I readily accepted that something – anything – must be the creator of our known galaxies and universe.

Brethren, now that I am getting on in age, I am no longer active in the freemason’s lodge which initiated me, because I need to stay at home to caregive for an elderly stroke victim. I now know myself as agnostic, and was wondering, if and when I’m done caregiving some day, and want to rejoin lodge; will I still be considered a freemason if I’m agnostic? What if I don’t believe in a supreme being at all? I suppose that I MIGHT believe in a Supreme being, and that this is enough to attend.

However, this “question”, my brethren, has long kept me from attending lodge and even joining the scottish or york rite. To complicate things: In the York Rite you have to be Christian, according to the rules. I dont’ mind that, having been born into Orthodox Christianity; But what if I was jewish or something else? The response I’ve heard? “Of the two appendant bodies, the Scottish Rite is open to all, join that instead.” huh?

Brethren, this is an open letter online. Let us do away with such questions. I know Freemasony is an ancient craft. Let it be open to all, regardless of their beliefs.

As I once wrote:

“Neither politics, history or religion hath any bearing upon my soul …”

Steve Mini from the 6.

Former member of a Toronto Blue Lodge (not in good standing currently; I don’t get to lodge anymore, for personal reasons (caregiver to an old man keeps me home)).

Update: Why I never publish, really …

I joked somewhere that I’d write myself: “An Apology for Christendom (An apology on behalf of Christ)” and found “apologetics”; Because I am ever-gravitating towards atheism or agnosticism, regardless of my Orthodox Christian upbringing. I have several theories, where I postulate that God = Time, and come to several, humorous I would hope, conclusions, especially as pertains to hearing voices, i.e. “G-d”. Ask me for my writings if you’re interested. I’m a diagnosed Paranoid Schizophrenic. I don’t really fuck with G-d that much, and never publish – maybe posthumously – for I do not want to stir drama, backlash, and controversy. I’ve seen people persecuted for far less than a humorous quip; 85% of the world remains in the shackles of organized religion, according to Google. Last thing I need is death threats because I “blasphemed against G-d”. What epoch are we living in? Thankfully Canadian.

That having been said, choice morsels might be made available on the blog. I don’t really care too much about publishing books, and live comfortably below the poverty line already. Nobody’ll buy the buggers. I’m far better off blogging, though I fear the old ‘cut and paste’ that would inevitably see my work published elsewhere, without consent, and would hate to tell people ‘please take this down and credit the artist: me’. I know it’ll happen that way. People are horrible man. That’s why I live a life of seclusion, away from controversy and without publications. These days I’m a caregiver who rarely leaves his home, I care for my retired mother and her stroke victim of a husband, who needs my constant daily attentions, 7 days a week.

In the evenings and night-time I have time to think and write – all I could ask for, really – but never publish – and these days, seldom record my excellent and rather humorous conversations with myself – (I hear voices and converse with myself often).

I might leave no writings behind; perhaps for me writing is a personal experience.

On the other hand, I might publish on the blog or elsewhere online. So we’ll have to see!

“All art is art without form and void, like the sea;
We are the ones who give things shape, and form!”

“Neither politics, history or religion hath any bearing upon my soul;
For, I am an artist, and: we’re all artists, else none of us ever were.”

Stephen M. Miniotis;
“Steve Mini from the 6”.

ALL-SEEING Vision Score title challenge: Anyone else find this ridiculously hard?

To get the title: ALL-SEEING, you’d have to have a vision score of over 2.0/min – and not just once. But in multiple, probably dozens – of games.

Yet in both my games, despite more than doubling the vision of my enemy laner, and taking umbral + zombie in the jungle game, I was unable to get a vision score of 2.0/min. In fact, the challenge asserts that I have never done so – ever – not even once.

Just look at these pics. Despite having such a ginormous vision score lead on my opponents – it was nowhere near 2.0 / min.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. And because everybody queues for support in low ELO, it’s really difficult to get into a game as support even if you queue for it. Making this challenge even more difficult for those of us in low ELO like myself. (And did you know? There’s lots of bots in low ELO who lock in Yummi or a troll pick and dive and die and want to lose – because iron 4 accounts are worth way more than diamond+ accounts. Facts. These botters then sell the account after it hits iron 4 for literally hundreds of dollars).

Anyway: This title unlock seems to be exceptionally difficult. Ima try to get it for a few weeks or months and see how it goes. I don’t mind a challenge. Maybe I’ll get some PERFECT vision score games in and nudge a 2.0/min score. I don’t see how else it’s even possible. But I know people who regularily get 2.0/min effortlessly – without even trying to. So it’s a me thing. I’m doing somethin’ wrong for sure. Note: Both games we lost. Like: badly. Despite my (what I thought was “huge”) vision score. Apparently vision does not win you games, gents. Kills do. lol. Until next time.

My doctor encourages me to play League Of Legends and other video games!

I’m diagnosed with Schizophrenia. But my doctor, himself a casual gamer of sorts, agrees: Playing a few matches every night of my favorite esport: League Of Legends, is probably good for me! He calls this “Behavioral Activation” and claims that my brain releases some good chemicals and stuff – and then I go to bed. He claims all that is probably a good thing, and it’s probably also a good thing that i’ve found a hobby that piques and holds my interest.

Gone are the days when people thought video games were bad for you. In fact, there’s also probably proof somewhere that, they might even be GOOD For your eyes, not bad for them!

I’m all for thinking positive thoughts, and embracing my hobby. Thank goodness my doctor is understanding of my disability and hobby, and is glad I play a few rounds of league of legends every day.

Thanks doc! I’ll definitely continue to do so.

Post-Script: I’ve heard disparaging remarks from the “voices” in my head, telling me not to play league or livestream so late at night. It’s as if chat from my livestream sessions has telepathically invaded my mind, and is disparaging me a little. Anyway: Bottom line: To those of you who think: Get a job or go to sleep or don’t even stream, too f’n bad! It’s my life, gonna live it how I want, definitely gonna spend my free time playing a video game and getting crushed at League Of Legends. I can think of no better way to spend my late night hours. So leave me alone about it, or bottom line: don’t tune in! Watch somebody else. Keep it positive, folks, or don’t come around viewing. See you around 11pm EST most days: my stream is at

And if you can hit me up telepathically; why disparage me? I’m confused … definitely Paranoid Schizophrenia therefore. I’m probably just hearing things. My mind has a funny way of playing tricks on me. Nobody home.

Most Toronto listings for room and board are “females only”.

End the discrimination! Is it because females clean up after themselves? Maybe they cook better than men do? Why the disguisting and disparaging “female only” remark, when looking to rent? I mean over half the listings I saw, require that you have a vagina – or no can do.

What the heck?!

Diana: The AP Yi?

I forgot how fun Diana can be. Gosh her damage seems outragous, something akin to Master Yi’s.

Her passive is not only a great damage buff, but an attack speed steroid, too.

I had so much fun with this pick until I thought to myself: Wait a minute: What if they pick this champion into me? I’m terrified of this damage!

I suppose, like every jungler I’ve been playing, the question is: do you go Sunfire second or third item? Or stick to AP? Shattered … seems like it could be fun, too, for the invul.

Nashor’s tooth first, of course 😉

The Tank or Carry Conundrum

I suppose, because I’m a jungler, it’s my soverign duty to ask Top if he’s going to pick a tank or not, and then pick one myself if he doesn’t do so.

This is low ELO logic: We need a front line. Someone to soak damage and distract the enemy.

I’ve realized one thing after playing tanks, then switching to a carry like Yi, and now back to Tanks again, presumably.

Tanks win low ELO games, despite all the hate. Sure, in a high ELO match, damage will always outscale your armor and resists, really. People farm better, pick more optimal builds, and output more damage. They also probably level quicker.

But in low ELO where nobody gives a damn, tanks really are a force to be reckoned with. a team with one tank is formidable. But imagine a tank with two or three beefy characters. It gets interesting when nobody is taking any damage.

Now if only I could find a tank that actually gets me kills.

Queue Mordekaiser JG. Not only is his passive active on jungle camps, giving him a healthy clear, but his E and his R ulti are made for ganking. You would think: Just build him a little tanky, and voila! you’ve got yourself a ganker and a fast-clearing monster.

But things didn’t really work out that way for me. I don’t think I’m good with mordekaiser in the Jungle. Why not? The perennial problem: How much damage is too much? How much tank is too much? How much damage is too little, therefore?

I’m going to return to Mordekaiser JG today, and maybe even play him Top. Every time someone queues Mordekaiser they roflstomp us. Why can’t I be that guy?

Check out my strim. Live after 10pm EST most days.

note: The one tank I’m actually good with in the jungle? Dr. Mundo. Heck, he’s even an exotic pick, because not many people play him jungle. But I have an above average win-rate playing him in the jungle. And If I need an AP Tank? Look no further than Amumu jungle. With two q’s and an AoE ulti, all of which stun, you can’t go wrong with three stuns and amumu tanky.

First Pick/Ban: Master Yi

I used to ban Master YI every single game. His damage was too great. I couldn’t compete. If the enemy team got him, it was sure to be a loss.

Now a days, I’m ridin’ risky. I leave him open and try to first pick him. I’m amazed that people don’t instantly first pick Master Yi when he’s up, and that many people, even in low ELO, don’t bother to ban him.

I’m beginning to one trick him, but still ban him when I don’t intend on playing him.

Master Yi is my first pick/first ban when I’m jungling. The other day I had 17+ kills in a game as Master Yi. I usually only get a handful of kills. There’s a difference when I play Yi: I don’t mind being aggressive.

Lookin’ like the other oft’-banned Jungler: Bel’Veth, should be my second choice. Picking these two champions I should be able to carry my way out of iron. That’s IF I can carry. Big if – I usually play a tank and go for objectives.

I’ll report back in a few days, maybe a week and tell you how I’m doing with Master Yi / Bel’Veth in the Jungle.

I’m in Iron.

The Quinn Cheese, especially vs. melee.

I’m just gonna say this and be done with it: Quinn’s E is broken at level 1. Along with a long sword and cut-down, and a refillable potion (Or a Dorian’s Blade), you can literally sit in the bush nearest to your opponent (get there first, please), and literally “cheese” him off the minions by landing an E when he walks up. If the E lands you trade until he’s dead – or he backs down. If he backs down you get level 2 – he’s still level 1. Continue to bully him – this time with your long-range Q AND your E. It’s basically gg at this point. I’ve seen videos where Quinn gets level 3 and the melee is STILL level 1 and trying to CS under his tower. It can be done. And I’m dubbing it: The Quinn Cheese.

You can cheese your way all the way above Diamond ELO with this strat. And it probably works on ranged champions too, but melees are often doomed. Imagine cheesing Renekton, Darius, Cho’gath, Olaf in this way – and they fall behind a couple of levels. Kayle, Illaoi. All melee. Just remember to return to the bush whenever the next wave comes – they won’t attack you. once they walk past you, continue to cheese and pressure with Q and E. Or you know what? W second and run him down with W and E, which I had not thought of, and don’t know much about, but anyway. Check out the video, below.

And you know what? The world no.1 Quinn probably does this every game, and actually taught me how to do this in a video, here:

Solo lanes, The Damage Principle, and Junglers behind.

I used to be a jungler in Iron 4. Recently started playing Quinn Top. What a difference! Yes to solo lanes. You level way faster and get ahead with tons of farm which is all yours until the mid game.

I’ve also espoused a damage principle: Only go for damage, and win in the mid-game with tons of damage. This works for Quinn top and several other characters like Teemo. Why? Because each of Quinns first 3 reccomended items are all huge damage spikes! And look at her mobility: She can cross the map in seconds, going for ganks, joining the team to take an objective like rift, baron or dragon.

Maybe mid and bottom slap, too. Because of my self-expressed damage principle. Go full damage, folks! Don’t muck about with bruisers and tanks. You’ll see a world of difference. No wonder all the replays I watch – many people go full damage and get ahead in the higher ELOs.

Speaking of which, I have a bone to pick with the Jungle role and Junglers. I was playing Ahri mid one game and ping’d jungle. I had just gotten from level 5 to level 6. He showed up and he was still level 3! To me this is a liability not an assist. Please go afk farm and try to tackle an objective. Stay far away from my lane please. But junglers are often 2-3 levels behind in the mid game. As such the role is like playing a support – from behind, as somebody who assists others. Junglers: You need a fast-clearing jungler to even keep up in levels, and he needs to be able to gank well. Do a fast full clear to get level 4 quickly. Then scout for a late scuttle – if it’s not there who cares. But nobody picks those sorts of junglers – everybody tries to hard carry – and that’s not how Jungle works at the moment. I’m routinely amazed when I see a jungler pop off. I never do when i’m jungle. I could be wrong – I’m in iron 4-iron 2 after all. Don’t take my word for it. But yeah: Damage principle – go full damage – but not when you’re jungle? gg. RIP Jungler meta.