Patriklironomicon: The Man In The Black Kimono

sample #2 with notes.

The man in the black kimono waited for the elf king to die with honor, and even offered him a knife, to carve out his guts and incriminate himself.

“Here, have my dagger, it can hasten your untimely death”.

The elf king smiled. He fell to his knees and conserved his strength. He did not want to die quickly.

“For four hundred years, no elf has died in a war. Our magic and our solitude have kept us safe. How are you so certain I will die?”

At that, the man in the black kimono lifted his unsheathed sword, a great bastard looking sword, longer than the common kitana of his people. He wielded it in both hands and grasped the long, glittering, jeweled hilt in both hands.

“This sword … is magick. There is a demon in it. It thirsts for elven blood.”

The elf looked at his wounds, mere glances, yet already, black bile had magically surrounded the wounds. He thought briefly on the situation.

“What is this? Magical Poison?”
“I die without honor, therefore.”

Suddenly, there were tears in the man in the black kimono’s eyes.

“We were too cocky…” he stated, as a matter of fact.

“Tell me…” the Elf King said, suddenly strong again, though only briefly. Then, he felt rather tired, and with one hand on the ground, sat himself down to die.

“Who gave you this sword? Was it an elf? I would know his name.”

It was the man in the black kimono’s turn to smile.

“The time for talking is over. Now that you’re kneeling down, I might behead you, and save you some small dignity.”

“Tell me! Tell me his name! Who gave you this sword?”

The Elf King thought on his short reign – several millennia, during which he had not fathered a son. Ever elusive and rather difficult… He only had one daughter …

“There will be a war, a-now…” he trailed off, and spat black blood.

“Promise me, stranger. Do not kill my daughter.” Black blood gathered at the corners of his mouth. He spat.

“She is the last of her kind … mayhaps, one day, she might have a son …”

The man in the black kimono was wary.

“Promise me! And I offer you my head.”

“Very well.“You have my word. The Kuroki clan will never harm her.”

The man in the black kimono did not say these words lightly, and took his promise to heart.

But the elf was clearly dying and took no heed, though he tried to smile. He was foaming at the mouth. A vile cloud of black surrounded his wounds. He retched as the magick of the blade ate at his innards.

“Are you ready?” the man in the black kimono said, and, not wanting to spare him any more dignity, without further warning and with one brief strike, the man in the black Kimono beheaded him.

Notes: April 27-28. 12:15am+

I like the idea for this scene: but I find that the dialogue could probably use a polish. Just a grazing wound kills the elf king. I want to emphasize that a little more. Things I’m looking to work on: perhaps show the fight scene, which I tend to avoid for now. I find fight scenes awesome in movies, but awful in books. I sped up the action and only ever showed the conclusion. It’s short, concise and tries to be to the point. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the writing, well, kinda sucks. But the idea is good. On to the next scene, the next idea, and we’ll leave this for subsequent drafts for sure (I’m a man of two, three and even four drafts. I’m just getting ideas down for now and I’ll polish in the subsequent drafts).

The Good: The man in the black kimono sounds badass and should be mysterious, with a demon sword no-less.

The Bad: The elf king slouches over and dies like a wuss.

The Ugly: I write quickly, and don’t care for errors. On to the next scene, and I’ll fix this in subsequent drafts once I have a complete story of many scenes.

Written: Wednesday 27 April 2022. 11:40pm+ “Thursday Morning”

2.0 “notes for subsequent drafts”

-The elf king retched. “Die with dignity!”
-possible alternative: “His soul exited his mouth and entered the Demon Sword’s blade.”
-“This is my avatar: my host. I am older than the oldest elven king” the demon blade spoke in his head.

I like the idea of a talking sword. Many magical weapons talk in my stories, especially those of some importance. This is a throwback to old-school Dungeons and Dragons, I suppose. I might expand on this … theme?

First time: Trying to write a novel. Sample scene with notes.

She drank the tea, but not too eagerly, though she was thirsty and curious. It had been a fortnight since Nana read the cups, and what else was there to do, in these uncertain times, but worry about the future?

Perhaps the cups would bring her bad omens, and the nightmares would start again. Nana did not know of the nightmares, she never told anyone about them, for fear of being cast off as weak or insubordinate. Men didn’t have nightmares. Men were soldiers. She would grow one day to be a fine young man. She would sit on the throne of her father. She would be an elf prince and no longer a woman. Oh, how she wished it were so. For now, she must weather the storm and become strong.

Finally, the cups were drunk and nana took a peek at the bottoms and smiled. 

“A wish that is in your heart will be granted”

X smiled in secret joy. “Would that it be so”

Just then, the soldier came in from the field. His helmet was flung off in frustration, and she could see his long, lanky light hair brushing against his shoulders. For not the last time, X wondered why her father had chosen a young boy, not even yet a man, to be her lifelong companion and guard her. This boy couldn’t even properly fit into his armor.

“Why this boy?” She grumbled to nana “Why not a knight or even a soldier?” She looked at him approaching.

It was nana’s turn to smile. “When you’re older, you’ll know more of these things than the leaves could ever tell you. For now, be happy that your cups didn’t foretell nightmares!” she said wistfully, as if the old soothsayer knew far more than she let on.

But before X could question her, the boy nearly broke through the door. “We need to go. Now.” He plopped on his oversized helmet and gripped the sword at his side.

X had been secretly prepared. She always was. She grabbed her things quickly, then fled.

notes: This is my first time writing fantasy. Heck this is the first scene i’ve constructed. It has some flaws and errors, which I would hope are minor and fixable in a second, third, even a fourth draft. I anticipate many drafts, at least two, maybe three, possibly four.

In the first draft I just sort of write stuff down and hope it’s coherent enough to edit. In the third or fourth drafts I’ll connect all the dots and revise; perhaps even finish the novel. At least, that’s what I’m thinking.

Maybe I should practice writing more, and editing less. But at any rate, I’m a novice.

decades of reading and I can barely write a novel. For shame!

To Arms! For Art’s Sake!

PS: One thing I’m worried about, when posting online, is that I somehow lose the right to print said work in a novel and publish it. I would hope this isn’t the case, and that this will be deemed a “sample”. You’re welcome 😉

Steve Mini from the 6.


I didn’t realize this, (this is how novice I am), but I was reading that each scene is supposed to have a conflict. Maybe Nana and “X” (yet unnamed) can argue a little, so I can show that there is some struggle and a scene goal. The main character aught to fail this goal, and struggle with another conflict or scene goal in the next scene or chapter. At least, I think that’s how things should work. I’m hopeless. But this is a start.

There’s only one way to learn how to write. To be a writer you actually do have to write a little, is what I’ve realized after all these years. I need to write, and fail, and write again some more. Stay tuned, I’ll post some samples with notes!

Film: The Northman

I watched The Northman today. It was an interesting flick. What I found compelling was the part of the storyline which claimed, unabashedly, that we cannot avoid our fate, something very ancient greekish in my Greek-Canadian opinion.

Movies like this inspire me to write more fantasy. I wish I could break down and pause some of the fight scenes to describe them in words, so as to borrow some action for a fantasy novel i’m writing.

It did not disappoint, but left more to be wanting. Hollywood, please make more movies like this one.

I might edit this post in the days to come and write a more compelling review, one with no spoilers I would hope. Or I might not. Catch you on the flip side.

Steve Mini from the 6.

The New Poem: A Theory Of Innocence

I remember one time ,in my youth, where I began to modify and edit Northrop Frye’s theories for fun. I never quite respected Frye after that. I thought he needed a good edit. A younger man’s mistake, for sure. I now returned to him the other day and respect him very much.

I don’t remember much about my youth. But I do remember that one of my early responses to Frye was my Theory Of Innocence. It simply states that the younger a person is, the more potential they have. I applied this to art objects, which were, scientific objects, too: the younger art was, the more potential it had.

My ignorant, half-assed poem on the internet could be, in theory, more famous than a masterpiece in sanskrit which nearly nobody could read. It was young, it was new, it was in English. At least, that’s what my younger self projected. And if my confusions and misunderstandings are correct, perhaps we might see the rise of Chinese art in a century or two, and the setting of the sun of the entire English language thereafter.

I don’t know where the future lies. But I do know this: I aught to write some of my whacky and zany theories down. I never wrote or published whilst I was young; I just read quite a bit. But now I’m 41 and won’t live forever. Might as well start to write a-now.


“Steve Mini from the 6”.

PS: Northrop Frye makes short work of my doubts in his Polemical Introduction to his Anatomy Of Criticism, where he sums up the situation of Literary Criticism rather well. Will I ever modify Frye satisfactorily? Probably not. But I definitely have some literary criticism in me – perhaps a few essays should suffice. I’d like to publish a collection of essays some day. We’ll see. Fiction first, most likely.

The Hard Truth About Fantasy Fiction …

I want to be a fantasy writer some day. So what do I do? I read fantasy fiction …

I’ve timed myself. I read at about half the speed of the modern college kid, I would think. That’s because, due to hearing voices, I’m often distracted. Perhaps it’s also my age. I’m 41 now. My concentration isn’t what it used to be, either.

So I picked up A Game Of Thrones. And what did I notice? Within the first 150 pages, there’s the murder of a child, a scene of incest, the child-marriage and wedding night description of a 13 year old girl who is terrified she’ll be beat up by her brother if she refuses or does not satisfy her new husband.

I never even knew you were allowed to write about such taboo subjects in fiction. But then look what happened? This fantasy fiction, Game of Thrones, is some of the very best, having been awarded and turned into a TV series.

I’ve learned something about fantasy fiction. If you want to write it: Shock your audience. At the very least: don’t be boring.

The hard Truth About fantasy fiction is that there’s murder, rape, incest and paedophillia in it’s pages. Furthermore, everybody is straight and white.

I’ve always stated that, were I to write fantasy fiction, mine would be a much more sanitized, clean type of fantasy fiction, with young adult readers in mind.

Maybe that’s why my fiction will never sell, nor ever be a best-seller. Maybe I’m too old, too cynical.

I’m learning a lot by reading fantasy. I’m learning about what I can and can’t stomach, not just about point-of-view characters.

Shock your audience, I suppose. That’s what Game Of Thrones did.

Nah I’m good y’all. None of that for my fantasy fiction. Mine’ll be different, clean, sanitary. And probably terrible.

Until next time!

Steve Mini from the 6.

Training myself to read. 50 pages a day?

I’ve read books my entire life. But often, especially after being diagnosed, I took a long hiatus. I thought I ‘d never read again; I kept hearing voices which would interrupt my concentration.

Fortunately medicine has worked for me. I’m now on a 3-month injection cycle, and back in University taking just one course per year. Some day, I’ll graduate with a BA in English Literature.

I picked up “A Game Of Thrones” thinking about how much I love fantasy, and how much I’d love to try and write a book like that. There’s many things I don’t like about Game Of Thrones, but even more things I admire and respect about the books, now that I am finally reading them.

I’ve tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to read 100 pages a day. This would take me an hour and a half in my prime, when I was a young man; It would now take me more than 4 hours now that I am a little older, slower, and get more distracted.

I think this is too much, so i’ve halved my reading to just 50 pages a day. At this rate, It would take me more than two weeks to finish an 800 page book. I might be able to finish just two fat fantasy books a month.

Which brings me to my point. The reason I’m reading again, and training myself to read a little bit every day, is that eventually I want to try my hand at writing a fantasy trilogy or book. I know it will be hard, and that I might not be commercially successful. But my love of fantasy stems from a very young age. I need to try to write a fantasy book, else I’ll never know how and why I failed at it?

Besides, I’ll have to write a collection of essays, and at least one literary work of fiction and some poetry. I am a writer, after all.

I will graduate with a BA in English Literature four or five years from now, after being a part-time undergraduate, off and on, for more than two decades.

I hope to write after that. Winter is coming, as the game of thrones simply states, and I hope to be ready. I’ll read up these books then start on another fantasy trilogy in a few weeks. It could be months before I’ve finished reading a couple of fantasy trilogies, so that I have something to compare to my own writing.

My own fantasy series, called: Patriklironomicon, is about a young female elf who pretends to be a boy. This unusual novel came to me rather a-quickly, one day, whilst I was plotting; I outlined three main characters and their stories before the day was done.

At this stage it’s just an idea. But I have a rough draft of an outline, mostly in my head.

I also want to write, what I’d call a space opera, if they’re even called that anymore. It’s about vampires in space, and about genetically modified humans waging a war, interstellar, against them; I guess I should read Dune and emulate it’s greatness; it’s certainly a space opera I could get behind. So we’ll see. Lots of reading to do first. Then, a little writing. But for my space opera I’m inspired a little by the Warhammer 40k universe. Just when will it get it’s own movie or series?

But anyway. I’m years away from a first book or any sort of final draft. I might graduate from school before trying to publish my first book – and that’s four or five years away. And I might choose to self publish on amazon and not bother with traditional publishing houses. I doubt I’ll have many readers, but I do like to write. Why not self-publishing on amazon?

Anyway, update you in a few.

Steve Mini from the 6

Met a girl; Started Writing…

I’ve met a girl online somehow. She’s from New York. She said she’s thinking about moving to Toronto. I think we could hit it off if she ever does.

She has inspired me to start writing a little. I’m a part-time undergrad living with a disability. Though my concentration is limited and I struggle to read at times, (I don’t read as much as I used to), despite this I take one course per year at the prestigious University Of Toronto where I study as an English Literature Specialist completing an Honors Bachelor Of Arts.

I take just one course per year. I have 4-5 more courses left. So that’s 4-5 more years.

I figure if i start practicing now by writing every day, I might have some material for when I graduate. Who knows? Maybe I can bang a book or two out this year and pay somebody to edit them.

I’m thinking of self-publishing on amazon and creating a printing press company. Nobody’ll read my books except friends and family, but that’s alright.

I don’t have high expectations. But i’m a writer of some kind. I need to make this work. I’ve been studying English literature for nigh on two decades. It’s about time.

So i’ve opted for a daily routine of writing, even if it’s just for an hour or two after my league of legends matches are over.

I’m usually free 10pm – 3am and that time is consumed by Jungling in the League Of Legends. Writing might slowly replace my gaming time, however.

I’m honestly pretty excited to finish a fantasy book i’m writing, dubbed: Patriklironomicon about an elf princess who needs to pretend to be a boy. It’s cheesy, but it’ll do.

I also would love to write a vampire book as a sci-fi novel.

I’m also writing an autobiography about hearing voices and talking to myself. I was homeless for two years.

I also have many theories regarding Paranoia, Schizophrenia, and in general, hearing voices, about which I’d like to write a few essays and articles and collect them into a volume.

I also write poetry at times, though not as often as I’d like.

Catch you on the rift, summoners – or on google docs. I might livestream my writing sessions, if anybody is interested.

Take care.

I’ll update in a few days or weeks, and tell y’all how things are going with the writing. By then I might have a rough draft along with a sample to share. Though I’m wary: good stuff inevitably gets stolen in the public domain. I can’t imagine someone claiming to have written the work I’ve shared, but stuff like that does happen. Screw that. I’ll only sparingly share samples therefore. But i’ll update you. It’s a journey. I’m taking the first few steps.

Stephen M. Miniotis,
11 April 2022.

Jungling in League Of Legends after 9PM

Hey y’all. I found it extraordinarily difficult to complete my courework this year. I just barely squeezed by, probably with a 60% or less, to pass my course. Had to write three essays for this half course and read four books and a bunch of short stories, which I found difficult to do because of a lack of concentration.

I’ve been hearing voices as always, but sometimes I end up pacing in my room and talking to myself. I’ve made an extraordinary recovery and am able to even complete one university course every year, but I do have periods of down time where I’m pretty bad.

To keep my mind busy, learn a new skill, concentrate, make a few friends and socialize, I’ve been Jungling in League Of Legends. Every night after 9 or 10 PM i pop onto my stream and get annihilated. I’m of a very low rank but it’s quite fun.

I find that I don’t get tilted at all, and only ever blame myself … I’ve got a strong mental game. I don’t think I get tilted either, just disheartened and upset with myself if I constantly lose or get badly beaten. if I get badly beaten one or two times … I just give up for the night and say screw this ima do somethin else.

Y’all are welcome to follow me as I learn the game. So far in low ELO we almost always need AP every game, so I’ve been spamming Amumu. If I’m lucky and we don’t need AP I pick Warwick or Nocturne. I’m also learning Diana, another AP champion, in case Amumu is picked, banned, or I’m bored of him and just want to play a different AP champion.

I find this champion pool is really good, especially for a beginner. Diana is probably the hardest champion of the bunch, so I tend to avoid her, but do mix in a Diana game every now and again just to get the hang of her. She’s the only champion who doesn’t have a CC in my pool of champions I’ve just mentioned – other than I guess her Ulti which sort of AoE pulls everyone in to her. Is that even a CC? Whateves.

I also should play more master Yi but I instead just ban him every game. He’s the one jungler who always carries in low ELO – yeah I don’t want to ever play against a Master Yi at all.

Since we do always need AP every game, I’m contemplating Fiddlesticks too, or AP Shaco. I prefer AD Shaco so I’d rather learn Fiddlesticks since he’s sort of an AP assassin with his ulti and he has a fear and a silence – so he does have CC. Fiddlesticks also has one of the quickest clears in the game if you can learn how to pull two camps at once, which I usually do not do. But we’ll see.

I’ll update this blog less often and twitter a little. Message me on facebook if ya’ll need to chat with me (I ignore chat on and don’t really interact there – instead I play chillstep instrumentals without vocals and just focus on the game).


Started a Journal, after all these years…

5 Jan 2022 Wed.

My cholesterol was high so I started walking every day for over an hour. Whilst walking, I started recording myself talking. That’s right, y’all, I’ve finally started a journal, after all these years …

I don’t remember much about my life, like what the voices were even talking about during my psychotic episodes or breaks with reality.

I would love to pursue sessions of hypnosis to unearth these memories, but I probably can’t afford a professional to do so and don’t know of anyone who could help for free.

But what little I remember, I will talk about in my walking journal, now that I have to walk one hour a day, I might as well record myself talking whilst doing so…

What I will be talking about in my walking journal/diary are what kind of books I want to be writing, outlines of various stories or books on my mind, and quite possibly, descriptions of the voices in my head, sort of like character sketches …

Though I don’t often talk too much about what the voices say, I can say that I used to play dungeons and dragons with the voices in my head as player characters. It got to the point where I unearthed an entire metaverse full of characters, villians and heroes, just by talking to the characters in my head.

Can this be a podcast some day? I hope so.

Catch you on the block, hoodies.

Steve Mini from the 6.