Review: Creed III: Was Damien Evil? Did he need to be?

I suppose if you haven’t watched the film, don’t read this. Though there’s no real spoiler, I want you to see the film, and think for yourself. Was Damien evil? Did he need to be? Just why do we sympathize with him?

See I consider myself a villians expert. I study literature part-time. I like bad guys. I make em up all the time in my head. And when I watched this film, I realized one thing: the villian was dope.

Good acting all around. An excellent film. But was the bad guy, well, evil enough? He just seemed like he had a little bad luck: he was the wrong dude at the wrong time in the wrong place. It’s like that old adage; two cattle farmers and one ranch. Either one could be the bad guy; it was like that for Damien. He could have just as well been the hero of this here tale.

So what do y’all think? Do we need to place villians in a box? Do they need to be blood curdling evil chaps? Should damien have been a gang banger with a grudge? Could he have been more evil? Did we need to hate him more? And sympathize with him less?

This movie made me think: Just why did I sympathize with the bad guy? And that’s quite the feat – more than some run of the mill films can do for you – this flim makes you think.

Awesome film. If you haven’t seen it already. I highly reccomend it. and

I now officially own and (also

I am known by these two monikors in the gaming community. Luckily, RiverMan was available in League Of Legends North America. So I took that name on my main account.

I’ve redirected them to somewhere where people can donate and follow my livestream. I bring home about 10k per year as a Paranoid Schizophrenic. Donos = Soylent Meals (2.30 CDN per).

Thank you all for your support.

“I am known as The River Speaks. The River Speaks to me. I hear voices. I am River Man. I am not indigenous. Thank you (apparently some rivers in Canada have their own legal personhood recognized. I hear voices. The River Speaks to me. I am Canadian).

note: my family owns a house on the river with a boat and dock.

There is a river in league of legends, which I play every day and path through as a jungler. Hence, the nickname: RiverMan.

The voices won’t turn off. So I shall now disregard them.

Look. Because I hear the n-word and jew often, (I am called it and so are various emulated celebrities in my mind by the voices in my head) I have now started saying “please disregard. I am ill” to my remote viewership. Is anybody listening? Or has it been a cop harassing me with remote / synthetic telepathy for the past two decades? I’m of the opinon that the voices are like an AI – they SOUND real; but theyre just emulations. Why would the “evil” faction of voices want celebrities dead & called inappropriate names, myself included? I don’t know. Is this a punk? I certainly feel punked.

I told the voices I’d try to stop talking to them.

I resign. I quit. These are the words I said to the voices in my head recently. I’ve decided to try and stop talking to myself. i know it’s very difficult for a schizophrenic to stop talking to himself; he often cannot do so, which has been a problem from me since the voices’ inception.

But I need to try and ignore the voices. Nothing good will come of ‘time walking’; nothing good will come of dialogue between factions in my head.

Sure, I’ve written some wonderful pieces because of the action in my mind between characters. I remain a writer and a creative person who emphasizes creating villians in his mind.

But I just need to stop talking to what I consider to be evil voices. I resign. I quit.

to the voices: If you want to call me a n&&&&r and a jew I won’t talk to you. Plain and simple.

I do not want for wealth. I live off 10 grand a year. If embryonics, time-walking, and hearing voices and communicating telepathically and ‘curing’ schizophrenia is a fortune 500 company, then please, by all means, keep all the wealth and leave me alone. I do not want any of it. Please respect my privacy during this transition to trying to never hear voices at all. Thank you.

Ranked League is so hard Im thinking of quitting.

I recently dipped from Iron 1 – a gruelling climb which took me many weeks – back all the way to iron 4 – playing my best champions.

I find league of legends is extremely difficult. The enemy jungler always gets ahead of me. Though I carry some games, say, 33% of them; another 33% are unwinnable due to 4v5 bots, afkers, quitters, and in general, people new to the game or just plain terrible who queue for ranked in iron. The remaining 33-34% of games which I can influence, never seem to go my way.

I refuse to believe that 99% of people who play this game are better than me. Yet my rank is so low that I can’t make it out of the lowest tier.

Iron is extremely difficult and has extremely good players. I’m not sure if y’all are smurfing on me or what.

I mean, in the lowest tier you’d think knowing the basics would be enough to get you to climb a little. I fight for objectives. I gank often. I try to farm up. I know which items to purchase. But no; these things don’t matter, and I always fall behind in the Jungle position, whilst the enemy jungler always seems to successfully rack up kills, no matter what champion he is on.

I tried to switch from Jungle to Support; but then I can’t carry as support – only get assists. So either way, i’m doomed to stay in iron for life. I had a game where I went 17-8 but lost the game. How do I lose these ‘close’ games? I guess I’m a terrible jungler… no other explanation is understood.

Bye to league? Very frustrated. Love jungle but am I just plain terrible at it?

River Man

I am The River Speaks, also known as River Man. The River speaks to me. I am a timewalker, and wish I could learn about shamanism. I have many tips and tricks to those who wish to learn my secrets. I am River Man.

This nickname came from being “in the river” in League Of Legends. Apparently Rivers may have their own legal entity in Canada somewhere. Therefore, the River Speaks to me, because I hear voices. I am River man.

note: I am not a native person or indigenous. I am River Man. Thank you.