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I write books. diagnosed with hearing voices. part-time undergrad, University Of Toronto. I play dungeons and dragons with the voices in my head as player characters – but I also see my doctor regularly and take medication. In my writings I espouse a neutral path, between good and evil, between selflessness and selfishness. I’m a caregiver to an elderly couple which includes my mom. I’m a homebody who plays league of legends sometimes. I’m straight and 41 years old. I’m moving more and more towards some kind of secularism, away from organized religion. Tolstoy’s “The Kingdom Of God Is Within You” was inspirational to me – and to Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. I’m not aggressive or violent, and have no criminal record, though I am paranoid sometimes. I thought someone was communicating with me telepathically and that’s why I could hear voices. I’m now medicated and see my doctor regularly. I talk openly about this to inspire others in similar conditions and their family members.

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I will be posting my rough drafts online. I hope to one day publish some polished materials if anything is salvageable.

Other accolades:

Entrepeneur – The Station Restuarant – restored a c.1929 Historical Train Station and managed the place on behalf of my father, who works there to this day. My brother eventually ended up managing the place. Huge success.

News Journalist – The Varsity – University Of Toronto – Wrote for the daily, which was a respectable feat considering I was a part-time English undergrad. I was elected to their Board Of Directors, but fell very ill with Paranoid Schizophrenia and decided to put my aspirations and writing on hold.

Logistics in the Telecommunication Worker’s Union – Worked for the union for a while in Logistics. It was a desk job on a computer that paid more than minimum wage. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Lost my job due to a bout of Schizophrenia – was never compensated and was redirected to the Ontario Disability Support Program, which has been firing off a cheque ever since.

Founder, Toronto Poetry Club on Meetup.com – the club grew rather quickly to a few thousand members. I wanted a small, literate bunch not thousands of people sharing their random poetry. I eventually resigned but the club is still active and probably still growing! – check them out on meetup.com search for Toronto Poetry Club there.

High Warlord Warlock from World Of Warcraft vanilla scene. I obtained the coveted highest rank in player-vs-player, along with the title unlock, on my Warlock, back when I was a young man. I’ve since moved on and now Jungle in League Of Legends sometimes, only very casually and at a very low rank. I’ve never climbed out of iron or bronze, really. I’m a filthy casual. I usually pick Nocturne, Amumu and Warwick in League Of Legends (opgg: SteveMini (North America)). – because all of those junglers have a CC (crowd control mechanic) and one of them, Amumu, is AP.

all my links here: https://wlo.link/@StephenMiniotis