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Im a creative person and a part-time undergrad, for which I recieve a yearly grant. I’m studying English Literature at the prestigious University Of Toronto. I’m open about my disability: I hear voices. These voices sound like emulations which calculate probabilities that probably won’t occur, but might be opposed. This has led me to my opposition theory, my emulation theory, and my probability theory. I’m not a doctor I’m a writer. Seek help if you hear voices. Feel free to chat with me anytime. I dont mind sharing information and talking with people in similar circumstances.

“My gamer nickname is The River Speaks (TheRiverSpeaks.ca) because I hear voices. I am also known as RiverMan in League Of Legends (RiverMan.gg). I path through the river as a Jungler or Support. Besides, my family lives near a river, with a boat and dock. Apparently some rivers have their own legal personhood here. I am not indigenous, but I am Canadian. Perhaps a river is speaking to me? That’s the old joke, anyway.”


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For all my links and to support me, click here: SteveMini.com