The voices won’t turn off. So I shall now disregard them.

Look. Because I hear the n-word and jew often, (I am called it and so are various emulated celebrities in my mind by the voices in my head) I have now started saying “please disregard. I am ill” to my remote viewership. Is anybody listening? Or has it been a cop harassing me with remote / synthetic telepathy for the past two decades? I’m of the opinon that the voices are like an AI – they SOUND real; but theyre just emulations. Why would the “evil” faction of voices want celebrities dead & called inappropriate names, myself included? I don’t know. Is this a punk? I certainly feel punked.

Author: Steve Mini

I hear voices. I'm a part-time undergrad studying English literature at the prestigious University Of Toronto. I've unearthed an entire metaverse full of fiction, villains and heroes, just by talking to the voices in my head. I once thought that someone could communicate with me telepathically. I was hospitalized many times and now know that I am ill. I have no criminal record, eschew wealth, and have taken several vows, including of poverty and literacy. For more info, click on the ABOUT section.

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