Ranked League is so hard Im thinking of quitting.

I recently dipped from Iron 1 – a gruelling climb which took me many weeks – back all the way to iron 4 – playing my best champions.

I find league of legends is extremely difficult. The enemy jungler always gets ahead of me. Though I carry some games, say, 33% of them; another 33% are unwinnable due to 4v5 bots, afkers, quitters, and in general, people new to the game or just plain terrible who queue for ranked in iron. The remaining 33-34% of games which I can influence, never seem to go my way.

I refuse to believe that 99% of people who play this game are better than me. Yet my rank is so low that I can’t make it out of the lowest tier.

Iron is extremely difficult and has extremely good players. I’m not sure if y’all are smurfing on me or what.

I mean, in the lowest tier you’d think knowing the basics would be enough to get you to climb a little. I fight for objectives. I gank often. I try to farm up. I know which items to purchase. But no; these things don’t matter, and I always fall behind in the Jungle position, whilst the enemy jungler always seems to successfully rack up kills, no matter what champion he is on.

I tried to switch from Jungle to Support; but then I can’t carry as support – only get assists. So either way, i’m doomed to stay in iron for life. I had a game where I went 17-8 but lost the game. How do I lose these ‘close’ games? I guess I’m a terrible jungler… no other explanation is understood.

Bye to league? Very frustrated. Love jungle but am I just plain terrible at it?

Author: Steve Mini

I hear voices. I'm a part-time undergrad studying English literature at the prestigious University Of Toronto. I've unearthed an entire metaverse full of fiction, villains and heroes, just by talking to the voices in my head. I once thought that someone could communicate with me telepathically. I was hospitalized many times and now know that I am ill. I have no criminal record, eschew wealth, and have taken several vows, including of poverty and literacy. For more info, click on the ABOUT section.

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