people in the bottom 1% (IRON ELO) are GOOD

people in the lowest tier of League Of Legends are GOOD. They always pick OVERPOWERED champions; They out scale and out farm you. They’re generally GOOD. They MICRO well and their Creep score is HIGH. The question therefore gets asked: Why are they in the bottom 1% of players? I don’t know. But after 5+ years of playing league casually, I’ve never made it out of the lowest tier.

WTF? I’m a lifer in teh bottom 1%. I expect my games to be easy and to climb a little, at least to bronze or silver. But NO. I lose more than I win. So much so that i lose -17+ per loss, and only gain back +8-13 per win. Riot hard-punishes you in Iron regardless. If you lose often, you don’t climb.

To put things in perspective: I frequently get stomped. I have a 30-38% win rate on my two favorite junglers.

I’m stuck in IRON for lyf3 bois. gg I tried.

Of course, it doesn’t help that computer bots afk and want to tank their accounts to iron 4, because it’s lucrative to do so. Iron 4 accounts sell for far more than Diamond accounts. When it’s a 3v5 or 4v5 because 1-2 computer bots are afk; what do you expect other than a loss?

But the real issue is this: People in Iron are hardstuck, but they’re fundamentally GOOD. They’re better than me, and i’ve been playing for 5+ years casually. I can’t even win against the bottom 1% of players. I’m hopeless man.

Author: Steve Mini

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