Skin on Tinder: Dating apps at a glance.

Inevitably, you meet people on all these dating apps. I prefer two of them myself: Tinder and Plenty Of Fish.

Tinder is a quality product: If this were a meat market, this would be the steak section. Great looking people with excellent photos, clean profiles, and witty comments. Unfortunately all those models you’re oggling come at a price: want unlimited likes? Want to know who liked you back? Be prepared to pay a hefty sum as a single dude for these invaluable services.

POF is the leftovers section, where people who might not meet your standards seem to want to communicate with you. And scammers. Lots and lots of scammers.

Scammers are on both dating apps, probably on all of them. “Visit my website!” proclaims a profile that just liked me. You have to wonder to yourself: Would you leave plenty of fish or tinder, or the app you’re using, just to visit another website to pickup a girl? Who would EVER do that? But apparently people might. I block the user and move on with my life.

Hey if oggling girls is your thing, tinder can’t be beat. on POF women look more normal, not scantily clad females in a luxury suite or by the pool or beach or in a bikini. On tinder there is skin. Lots and lots of skin. Sometimes, it makes you feel uncomfortable. Will these big bresthesthes want to chat with me? Or am I just a statistic, and a financial one at that? On tinder, women can seem crude and shallow. Not lookin’ too hot in your profile pics? Then nobody will chat with you. Can they tell you’re not technically wealthy? Then you’re probably out of luck. Unless your profile is THAT good. Mine surely isn’t.

Back on POF things are more relaxed. I’d like to think more POF women read your profile comments, but can’t be sure. Maybe they like your personality more. But: the bottom line: a picture tells a thousand words, on both sites, on any dating app for that matter, so pick your very best one, and put it in your profile. Have someone help out if you suck with cameras. Just editing your profile pic on your iphone can pay dividends. Nobody wants a crop shot of all the crap in the background – so blur the background a little. And style your hair. Saturate the colors if necessary. Make the picture pop.

All of this to chat with a lovely lady. The price we pay. So far: I’ve chatted with all of two women this week. I’ve probably liked hundreds of profile picks, to no avail. Am I ugly or just old? I mean i’m 42, don’t roll out the stretcher just yet.

But i’m curious to know: Why won’t all these scantily clad tinder women even bother to chat with me?

Maybe because I’m a broke dude living with a disability (Schizophrenia). Can they tell from the photo and blurb in my profile? I edit out personal information, and list only my hobbies. Like: Plays League Of Legends or World Of Warcraft. There. That should confuse them until they chat with me, distract them from the main course: That i’m something of a loser.

I try tinder for a week. I’m still single and chugging soylent twice a day at the end of the week. POF? I’ve actually managed to connect with 1 or 2 females – yes, you CAN meet them online, they’re just inadulated with dozens upon dozens of friend requests, messages, and, if they look half decent – and show some skin, which many do – then your tiny, small, sad, pathetic message, “let’s chat!” will be drowned out by the seemingly millions upon millions of other men messaging them. Some alot more financially secure, younger and better looking than you. It is what it is.

And when you do end up talking to these now-legendary beings, these females: You’re forced to concede. You’re a retired dude with a disability pension of some kind. Not a hot young alpha stud wanting to ravage women in his spiffy car.

Ah well. Maybe it’s a younger man’s game. Still 42 and single. Despite tinder and POF.

I’ll follow up with you in a week or two with another post. And see how i’m doing. Two leads look promising. Not skin models, though. I’ll have to concede.

Author: Steve Mini

I hear voices. I'm a part-time undergrad studying English literature at the prestigious University Of Toronto. I've unearthed an entire metaverse full of fiction, villains and heroes, just by talking to the voices in my head. I once thought that someone could communicate with me telepathically. I was hospitalized many times and now know that I am ill. I have no criminal record, eschew wealth, and have taken several vows, including of poverty and literacy. For more info, click on the ABOUT section.

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