The Tank or Carry Conundrum

I suppose, because I’m a jungler, it’s my soverign duty to ask Top if he’s going to pick a tank or not, and then pick one myself if he doesn’t do so.

This is low ELO logic: We need a front line. Someone to soak damage and distract the enemy.

I’ve realized one thing after playing tanks, then switching to a carry like Yi, and now back to Tanks again, presumably.

Tanks win low ELO games, despite all the hate. Sure, in a high ELO match, damage will always outscale your armor and resists, really. People farm better, pick more optimal builds, and output more damage. They also probably level quicker.

But in low ELO where nobody gives a damn, tanks really are a force to be reckoned with. a team with one tank is formidable. But imagine a tank with two or three beefy characters. It gets interesting when nobody is taking any damage.

Now if only I could find a tank that actually gets me kills.

Queue Mordekaiser JG. Not only is his passive active on jungle camps, giving him a healthy clear, but his E and his R ulti are made for ganking. You would think: Just build him a little tanky, and voila! you’ve got yourself a ganker and a fast-clearing monster.

But things didn’t really work out that way for me. I don’t think I’m good with mordekaiser in the Jungle. Why not? The perennial problem: How much damage is too much? How much tank is too much? How much damage is too little, therefore?

I’m going to return to Mordekaiser JG today, and maybe even play him Top. Every time someone queues Mordekaiser they roflstomp us. Why can’t I be that guy?

Check out my strim. Live after 10pm EST most days.

note: The one tank I’m actually good with in the jungle? Dr. Mundo. Heck, he’s even an exotic pick, because not many people play him jungle. But I have an above average win-rate playing him in the jungle. And If I need an AP Tank? Look no further than Amumu jungle. With two q’s and an AoE ulti, all of which stun, you can’t go wrong with three stuns and amumu tanky.

Author: Steve Mini

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