The Quinn Cheese, especially vs. melee.

I’m just gonna say this and be done with it: Quinn’s E is broken at level 1. Along with a long sword and cut-down, and a refillable potion (Or a Dorian’s Blade), you can literally sit in the bush nearest to your opponent (get there first, please), and literally “cheese” him off the minions by landing an E when he walks up. If the E lands you trade until he’s dead – or he backs down. If he backs down you get level 2 – he’s still level 1. Continue to bully him – this time with your long-range Q AND your E. It’s basically gg at this point. I’ve seen videos where Quinn gets level 3 and the melee is STILL level 1 and trying to CS under his tower. It can be done. And I’m dubbing it: The Quinn Cheese.

You can cheese your way all the way above Diamond ELO with this strat. And it probably works on ranged champions too, but melees are often doomed. Imagine cheesing Renekton, Darius, Cho’gath, Olaf in this way – and they fall behind a couple of levels. Kayle, Illaoi. All melee. Just remember to return to the bush whenever the next wave comes – they won’t attack you. once they walk past you, continue to cheese and pressure with Q and E. Or you know what? W second and run him down with W and E, which I had not thought of, and don’t know much about, but anyway. Check out the video, below.

And you know what? The world no.1 Quinn probably does this every game, and actually taught me how to do this in a video, here:

Author: Steve Mini

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