League Of Legends: cc. and gap-closers and the Bottom 1%

I’ve realized something in my journey from an obscure jungler with only 1-2 picks, to one of the very worst-ranked junglers there is. I’m in the bottom 1% of the ladder, meaning 99% of people are actually ranked higher than me.

I’ll get to why in a moment. But at any rate. I prefer Junglers with a Crowd-Control mechanic, and lately, I’ve also been learning Junglers with a gap-closer, too.

My first mistake as a Jungler is playing whatever I like – not what is most likely to win. I play for fun. As I often joke and say: I play for skins, not for wins. I play whatever looks cool and is aesthetically pleasing. And that’s probably a mistake if you want to climb.

Climbing is no joke. There are several things holding me back. First of all, when you think of the bottom 1% of the ladder, you think to yourself: People must suck. That’s where you’re wrong. There’s a huge amount of smurfs at the bottom of the ladder, and often, some games are very one-sided, with a champion getting 15+ kills in the first few minutes of the game and absolutely destroying us.

Then there’s people who want to lose, because the lowest-ranked accounts are worth the most amount of money. Seriously: a diamond+ account is worth way less than an Iron 4 account. So there’s botters who lock in a position, intentionally fail, and want to lose. If they’re on your team, you’re probably going to lose, too.

So, the bottom line is this: If you can’t carry a game, you’re more than likely not going to make it out of iron.

And I can’t carry games. I’m a jungler who averages a few kills, and plays for objectives. I’m an average jungler – not too bad – I often claim the dragon or rift herald, and contribute lots of vision in my games. But i’m too passive, I’m not aggressive enough. I don’t carry games. I farm up, and hope for the best. And that’s not how League Of Legends works.

You need to get a few kills in the early game, ideally 3+. Once that happens you’re half an item ahead, which is huge. You then proceed to ‘snowball’, annihilating the opposition all game long if you’re careful and smart and aggressive and keep a lead.

And that’s not the type of jungler I play. I need to try and win the early game, and play a jungler who ganks very well, and take huge risks that might pay off. And when they do: you win games by getting ahead.

In short: I need to learn how to Jungle better, and not just Jungle for fun. gg.

Your Iron 4 Jungler, in the bottom 1%

Steve Mini from the 6.

For more information about me jungling, check out my win percentages and match history and champion selections at op.gg:


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See ya.

Author: Steve Mini

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