Training myself to read. 50 pages a day?

I’ve read books my entire life. But often, especially after being diagnosed, I took a long hiatus. I thought I ‘d never read again; I kept hearing voices which would interrupt my concentration.

Fortunately medicine has worked for me. I’m now on a 3-month injection cycle, and back in University taking just one course per year. Some day, I’ll graduate with a BA in English Literature.

I picked up “A Game Of Thrones” thinking about how much I love fantasy, and how much I’d love to try and write a book like that. There’s many things I don’t like about Game Of Thrones, but even more things I admire and respect about the books, now that I am finally reading them.

I’ve tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to read 100 pages a day. This would take me an hour and a half in my prime, when I was a young man; It would now take me more than 4 hours now that I am a little older, slower, and get more distracted.

I think this is too much, so i’ve halved my reading to just 50 pages a day. At this rate, It would take me more than two weeks to finish an 800 page book. I might be able to finish just two fat fantasy books a month.

Which brings me to my point. The reason I’m reading again, and training myself to read a little bit every day, is that eventually I want to try my hand at writing a fantasy trilogy or book. I know it will be hard, and that I might not be commercially successful. But my love of fantasy stems from a very young age. I need to try to write a fantasy book, else I’ll never know how and why I failed at it?

Besides, I’ll have to write a collection of essays, and at least one literary work of fiction and some poetry. I am a writer, after all.

I will graduate with a BA in English Literature four or five years from now, after being a part-time undergraduate, off and on, for more than two decades.

I hope to write after that. Winter is coming, as the game of thrones simply states, and I hope to be ready. I’ll read up these books then start on another fantasy trilogy in a few weeks. It could be months before I’ve finished reading a couple of fantasy trilogies, so that I have something to compare to my own writing.

My own fantasy series, called: Patriklironomicon, is about a young female elf who pretends to be a boy. This unusual novel came to me rather a-quickly, one day, whilst I was plotting; I outlined three main characters and their stories before the day was done.

At this stage it’s just an idea. But I have a rough draft of an outline, mostly in my head.

I also want to write, what I’d call a space opera, if they’re even called that anymore. It’s about vampires in space, and about genetically modified humans waging a war, interstellar, against them; I guess I should read Dune and emulate it’s greatness; it’s certainly a space opera I could get behind. So we’ll see. Lots of reading to do first. Then, a little writing. But for my space opera I’m inspired a little by the Warhammer 40k universe. Just when will it get it’s own movie or series?

But anyway. I’m years away from a first book or any sort of final draft. I might graduate from school before trying to publish my first book – and that’s four or five years away. And I might choose to self publish on amazon and not bother with traditional publishing houses. I doubt I’ll have many readers, but I do like to write. Why not self-publishing on amazon?

Anyway, update you in a few.

Steve Mini from the 6

Author: Steve Mini

I hear voices. I'm a part-time undergrad studying English literature at the prestigious University Of Toronto. I've unearthed an entire metaverse full of fiction, villains and heroes, just by talking to the voices in my head. I once thought that someone could communicate with me telepathically. I was hospitalized many times and now know that I am ill. I have no criminal record, eschew wealth, and have taken several vows, including of poverty and literacy. For more info, click on the ABOUT section.

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