Started Shoutcasting on YouTube! Here’s a Sample:

Hey guys. Started shoutcasting on YouTube. I’m an avid League Of Legends fan. Check out some of my videos here, and be sure to like and subscribe!

(And here’s a link to everything I do: Please take a look, and follow my twitch channel, I also livestream League Of Legends sometimes, I’m a Night-time EST streamer! All my links here:

Author: Steve Mini

I'm a disabled streamer who hears voices and is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I play hearthstone and create unique decks which I post on my blog and play on my stream. I'm also an intellectual of sorts and a part-time undergrad studying English literature at a prestigious local university. I'm rather humble, recycle everything, stay home and caregive, and play video games. I am known for never driving a car and keeping a low carbon footprint. I'm allowed to raise an extra 10k in donations per year according to the rules of my ODSP pension without being penalized.

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