Quest Priest? Watch Posts Edition!

Hearthstone – United In Stormwind – October 2021

Because the three different watch post cards are mana-cost 2, 3 and 4, and the Legendary who summons a 5/5 lookout for every watch post you’ve played is mana-cost 7; you could theoretically put them in a Quest Priest deck, trying to put down as many towers and minions as you can while also trying to complete the quest, which requires you play many different-cost minions. It adds yet another “win condition” to the deck, one sorely needed. I’ll update this soon.

By the way, you can “discover” the shard that ends the game, after you’ve completed the quest, and summon it to your hand. I don’t recall the details, haven’t played this deck in a while, but I remember “discover”ing the shard after I completed the quest. (note: It was by casting 2-cost Thrive In The Shadows).

There’s slightly more 2 and 3 cost mana cards in the deck; hopefully you draw one to get the quest started on the right foot. Otherwise you’re really stuck until you draw a 2 and 3 cost mana card. Such is life.

My first game, I won the game by dropping 3 watch posts, then dropping the legendary on turn 7, summoning three 5/5 minions which helped me win the game. This is legit not a meme or joke it’s literally a serious deck y’all. lol… who cares about the impossible stupid quest anyway. /shrug

You could literally use many other minions and possibly remove a few legendaries if you don’t have any or don’t want to make any. I am just using a hodge-podge of whatever I have. Just try to count how many cards are what cost, like I have done. eg. four 6-cost cards, but six 2-cost cards! Use my deck as an outline; build your own if you’d like!

Steve Mini from the 6ix.

Mini’s Quest Watch Post (v4.0)

Class: Priest

Format: Standard

Year of the Gryphon


1x (1) Seek Guidance

2x (2) Encumbered Pack Mule

2x (2) Far Watch Post

2x (2) Thrive in the Shadows

2x (3) Entrapped Sorceress

2x (3) Mor’shan Watch Post

2x (3) Venomous Scorpid

2x (4) Circus Amalgam

2x (4) Crossroads Watch Post

1x (5) Gurubashi Berserker

2x (5) Ogremancer

1x (5) Taelan Fordring

1x (6) Claw Machine

1x (6) Cornelius Roame

2x (6) Lightshower Elemental

1x (7) Kargal Battlescar

1x (7) Mutanus the Devourer

1x (7) Silas Darkmoon

2x (8) Mo’arg Forgefiend


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Author: Steve Mini

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