Mini’s Watch Post Deck (Aggro Druid)

Hearthstone – United In Stormwind – October 2021.
Standard Deck

noteable cards:
Kargal Battlescar
“Watch Post”s

For every Watch Post you play, Kargal Battlescar summons a 5/5 minion. There’s 6 watch posts in the deck. If you can get down 2 or 3 before Turn 7, you’re doing better than I am most games. This is a troll deck.

Status: Troll/Meme; (Aggro Druid)

Test: Mini’s Watch Post (v1.2)

Class: Druid

Format: Standard

Year of the Gryphon


2x (1) Vibrant Squirrel

2x (2) Bonechewer Brawler

2x (2) Encumbered Pack Mule

2x (2) Far Watch Post

2x (2) Mark of the Spikeshell

2x (2) Solar Eclipse

2x (2) Wickerclaw

2x (3) Mor’shan Watch Post

2x (3) Oracle of Elune

2x (4) Crossroads Watch Post

2x (4) Kodo Mount

2x (5) Arbor Up

1x (5) Greybough

1x (5) Moonfang

2x (5) Teacher’s Pet

1x (7) Kargal Battlescar

1x (8) Cenarius


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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Author: Steve Mini

I hear voices. I'm a part-time undergrad studying English literature at the prestigious University Of Toronto. I've unearthed an entire metaverse full of fiction, villains and heroes, just by talking to the voices in my head. I once thought that someone could communicate with me telepathically. I was hospitalized many times and now know that I am ill. I have no criminal record, eschew wealth, and have taken several vows, including of poverty and literacy. For more info, click on the ABOUT section.

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