Mini’s Moonfang deck (Quest Hunter)

There’s 8 cards in this deck that might buff, discover and/or copy Moonfang.

Welcome to another deck. This one aims to copy, summon or otherwise buff Moonfang, since he’s a legendary beast who only takes one damage at a time.

Another goal of yours is just to continue to pressure with spells and win the game by completing the quest. Moonfang is just a careful ploy or distraction at times.

Is it just me who loves malygos in this deck? Filling your hand with spells on turn 9 can win you the game the next turn, especially if you’ve completed quest, because every spell then resets your hero power. It often summons Nagrand Slam to your hand if you haven’t picked it up yet, meaning you could play turn ten with a 10 mana card and possibly win the game or clear the board.

Nagrand Slam, is actually four 3/5 minions who immediately attack face if there’s no minions on the board or smash the board up and clear it – either way it’s a great card. That’s 12/20 worth of minions for just 10 mana. I’d take that deal any day on turn ten! Often games don’t go this long. But it’s good to have that one ace card.

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Status: Mini’s Dire Hunter (v2.3)

Class: Hunter

Format: Standard

Year of the Gryphon


2x (1) Arcane Shot

1x (1) Defend the Dwarven District

2x (1) Overwhelm

2x (1) Wound Prey

2x (2) Quick Shot

2x (2) Scavenger’s Ingenuity

2x (2) Selective Breeder

2x (3) Aimed Shot

2x (3) Venomous Scorpid

2x (4) Dire Frenzy

2x (4) Piercing Shot

2x (4) Warsong Wrangler

1x (5) Barak Kodobane

1x (5) Moonfang

2x (5) Trampling Rhino

1x (6) Cornelius Roame

1x (9) Malygos the Spellweaver

1x (10) Nagrand Slam


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Author: Steve Mini

I'm a disabled streamer who hears voices and is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I play hearthstone and create unique decks which I post on my blog and play on my stream. I'm also an intellectual of sorts and a part-time undergrad studying English literature at a prestigious local university. I'm rather humble, recycle everything, stay home and caregive, and play video games. I am known for never driving a car and keeping a low carbon footprint. I'm allowed to raise an extra 10k in donations per year according to the rules of my ODSP pension without being penalized.

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