Decks: Mini’s Dark Alley Warlock

On turn four, if you tap twice on turn two and three, if you mulligan for Dark Alley Pact and have it in hand, you can play a huge minion. This often works against non-aggro decks like Mage, which don’t play many early minions; but use this deck at your own peril! It’s NOT quest lock by the way; one extra card on turn one and in the mulligan to draw Dark Alley Pact!

Mini’s Dark Alley (v6.0)

Class: Warlock

Format: Standard

Year of the Gryphon


2x (0) Raise Dead

2x (1) Touch of the Nathrezim

2x (2) Drain Soul

2x (2) Unstable Shadow Blast

2x (3) Backfire

1x (3) Tamsin Roame

2x (4) Dark Alley Pact

2x (4) Hysteria

2x (4) Spice Bread Baker

2x (5) Siphon Soul

1x (6) Anetheron

2x (6) Barrens Scavenger

2x (6) Battleground Battlemaster

2x (6) Entitled Customer

2x (10) Flesh Giant

2x (10) Goldshire Gnoll


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With Anetheron, two flesh giants, and two Dark Alley Pacts, that’s potentially 5 to 9 eight+ attack minions, if you count Tamsin Roame copying Dark Alley Pact and you ressurecting Anetheron or the Two Flesh Giants. Holy Schmokes! That’s alot of firepower! 8/8 or 9/9 as early as turn 4!

The idea is to get battlemaster down (adjacent minions have windfury) and/or just face down the enemy. Dark Alley Pact can be cast as early as turn 4, and again on turn 5 if you have both copies in hand. Both copies can also be copied, yes they’re shadow spells, if Tamsin Roame is on the board! Also try to use her before casting Siphon Soul, an execute which costs 5 mana, or any other shadow spells – you’ll get a free zero-cost copy of all shadow spells you cast when she’s on the board.

Mulligan for Dark Alley Pact. Discard everything else except perhaps Entitled Customer and Anetheron. You could theoretically tap on turns 2 and 3 and drop Dark Alley Pact on turn 4 (vs Quest Mage, for example, who has very few minions, this could work). Then Battlemaster (adjacent minions have windfury) is mega damage on turn 6.

Alternately, if you draw Tamsin Roame, you could hold off till your hand is absolutely full and it’s turn 7, to cast Dark Alley with her on the board. She’ll give you a free, zero-cost copy, which you can immediately play for two large minions on Turn 7.

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