A company that isn’t greedy: Swords Of Legends Online!

I’m really enjoying a “Chinese clone” of Guild wars 2 called Swords Of Legends. This gem of a game is not pay to win at all; the cash shop is entirely cosmetics and not very greedy at all. This is so rare that when I find one of these non-pay to win games, I play the crap outta them. They don’t get released often in North America these days. There isn’t even a subscription model for this game in North America, though there is one in China.

I chose to play a Summoner, which can offspec heal and, well: summon … but I heard that the spearmaster might be Overpowered in player vs player … we’ll see. You can always play a different character whenever you want.

Other than World Of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, and this game, Swords Of Legends Online, which is available on the STEAM platform, I haven’t really found any other multiplayer online games that aren’t pay to win and that are fun and immersive. You might be able to add Guild Wars 2 to that list. That’s it.

Only about 4 games in the last 10 years have player vs player viability, a depth worth playing and exploring, and aren’t bloodsuckingly pay to win (though I must confess: even World Of Warcraft can be considered pay to win these days … in-game gold which can get you a raid spot for gear, is purchasable with real-life money … I’d like to hang on to the glory years but even WoW is pay 2 win.

Nice to see an honest company produce a quality product. Swords Of Legends Online. It means more to us than you’ll ever know. Thank you.

Author: Steve Mini

I'm a disabled streamer who hears voices and is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I play hearthstone and create unique decks which I post on my blog and play on my stream. I'm also an intellectual of sorts and a part-time undergrad studying English literature at a prestigious local university. I'm rather humble, recycle everything, stay home and caregive, and play video games. I am known for never driving a car and keeping a low carbon footprint. I'm allowed to raise an extra 10k in donations per year according to the rules of my ODSP pension without being penalized.

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